#107 Unplayable in NTSC-Only Players

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While attempting to create an NTSC DVD, I ran into what
appears to be the same problem that iamnosca and others
are having. (see

I believe that I have found a couple bugs which are
causing the problem:

First, when DVDStyler mplex'es a blank audio track to a
still menu, it uses
"/usr/share/dvdstyler/data/silence.mpa", which is an
MPEG Audio file, a format which is optional for NTSC
dvd players to support (see

WORKAROUND: I got a short clip of silence in the AC3
format (from
http://home.cfl.rr.com/genecash/ram_to_dvd.html\), and
replaced silence.mpa with that file.

The second problem resides in the
"/usr/share/dvdstyler/empty.mpg" file. DVDStyler uses
this file to create a TOC or something on the DVD.
empty.mpg is a PAL formatted MPEG Video file with MPEG
Audio, which are both not standard for NTSC DVD
players, and will cause the whole DVD to be unplayable
in many systems.

WORKAROUND: I created my own empty.mpg file, which is
formatted in NTSC, and has a AC3 audio track. How I
did this:
1. Created a 720x480 all-black "empty.ppm" file in The
2. Converted the ppm file to a MPEG Video. (The -n
187) is to match the length of the ac3 silence clip)
ppmtoy4m -n 187 -r -I b -L -F 30000:1001 -S 420mpeg2
empty.ppm | mpeg2enc -f 8 -n n -a 2 -o empty.m2v
3. Used mplex to join the audio and video
mplex -f 8 -o empty.mpg empty.m2v silence.ac3
After that, I replaced
/usr/share/dvdstyler/data/empty.mpg with it.

After doing both these modifications, my DVD's have
played in every NTSC player I have tried so far.


  • shawn

    shawn - 2006-06-15

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    I had been getting "Not NTSC" from my DVD player, but if I
    hit "next" on the remote I could still view the
    titles/chapters. Looking at the VIDEO_TS folder, only the
    VIDEO_TS.VOB was at the wrong resolution/frame rate.
    Anytime I tried to go back to the menu would produce "Not
    NTSC". I tried the above workaround, re-burned the disk and
    it works great now.

  • khusmann

    khusmann - 2006-06-23

    empty.mpg in NTSC format

  • khusmann

    khusmann - 2006-06-23

    Logged In: YES

    I'm uploading the NTSC version of both empty.mpg and
    silence.mpa, for people that do not want to create their
    own. I'll also add a entry in the FAQ section of the wiki
    pointing here for other NTSC users.

  • khusmann

    khusmann - 2006-06-23

    silence.mp2 in NTSC format (it is actually an ac3 file)

  • khusmann

    khusmann - 2006-06-23

    Logged In: YES

    small correction: all this time I've been saying
    silence.mpa, when I believe I should be saying silence.mp2

    mistershawn: I'm glad to hear it works!

  • Ross G Baker Jr

    Ross G Baker Jr - 2006-11-03

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    I confirm that using the 2 files provided in place of those in the
    distribution solves this problem on both of my NTSC players. The
    PAL/NTSC player I have never exhibited the problem. I am running

    I guess very few people must be using this program with NTSC players
    since the program is not usable without a fix for this!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Thank You.

  • Alex Thuering

    Alex Thuering - 2006-11-17

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    Originator: NO

    Fixed in DVDStyler 1.5 beta 7.
    To create a NTSC compotible DVD you need to specify video format NTSC and audio format AC3 by creating a new project (or in DVD/Properties dialog).


  • Anonymous - 2007-05-05

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    The attached silence.mp2 produced this error on burn from DVDStyler:

    **ERROR: [mplex] Can't find next AC3 frame: @ 72192 we have 0a20 - broken bit-stream?
    Error executing of command: mplex -f 8 -S 0 -M -V -o "/mnt/temp/dvd/menu1-0.mpg_bg.mpg" "/mnt/temp/dvd/menu1-0.mpg_bg.m2v" "/usr/share/dvdstyler/data/silence.mp2"

    Creating a new silence.mp2 with these commands fixed the problem:

    $ arecord -f dat -twav -d 1 silence.wav
    $ mp2enc -r 48000 -o silence.mp2 < silence.wav

  • Alex Thuering

    Alex Thuering - 2015-01-06
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