#3 Audio Codec Fubar.


I installed on my Dell D800 laptop. After installing I
could no longer play DVD's normally. I was using
WinDVD4 which came with the laptop. In WinDVD4 it
would act like no DVD ever got put in the drive. So I
changed to InterActual player. This one also wouldn't
play the DVD's, but it gave me an error message the
there was something wrong with the Audio subsystem.
I went and grabbed the latest production version of
Nimo Audio Codec and installed it.. no change. I also
noticed that I couldn't play the avi file I had just
created. ANY program I tried would crash. Windows
Media Player, The Playa both crashed. Fortunatley I
had created a restore point (windows XP) before I
installed the software. Rolled back my computer to the
point before I installed the software and everything
went back to normal.

I didn't want to give up that easy on it though. I would
LOVE a program like this. So I took the .AVI file created
out of this program to a work and tried it on a machine
there. When they tried to play it with The Playa it said
it needed the Nimo Audio Codec. Downloaded the Audio
Codec 8 and installed. His program now crashed
whenever he tried to play the AVI file. Also he could no
longer play DVD's. This was a Windows 2000 machine,
no rollback. So we haven't figured out what to do.
More than likely will have to blow away all .dll's
pertaining to the sound card and reinstall it.

Please use another audio codec, or put several choices
to install. Something that won't fubar my audio
subsystem would be preferrable.


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