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DVD Flick

Lot's of changes and some important bugfixes related to low sample rate source audio and OGM files.

For a full changelog, see the um... changelog.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2007-01-30 download returned

Removed the download for the time being because of a virus report. Chances are it's a false positive but best not to take any risks.

Edit: After doing a thorough scan and investigation of my computer and DVD Flick's files, none were found. In other words, false positive, much arghh later the downloads are back.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2007-01-23

DVD Flick

This release fixes the audio delay in many AVI files as well as a few minor changes and fixes.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2007-01-20

Released 1.2.0 Final

Nothing big, just a few bugfixes. After this will come 1.2.1 with things I've been wanting to add for a while, plus no more silly Release Candidates but rather smaller version increments.
As usual, see the changelog for the full list of changes.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2007-01-15

Released 1.2.0 RC4

Many bugfixes; correct free disc space calculation and properly combining multiple video sources works now. See the changelog for a full list of changes.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-12-26

Released 1.2.0 RC3

Among two big problems related to final disc size and the IDiscMaster error, many others were fixed. See the changelog of the release for a full list of changes.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-12-13

Released 1.2.0 RC2

The ActiveX component bug has been fixed and some tweaking to the video encoding has been done, amongst others. See the changelog for a full list of changes.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-12-05

Released 1.2.0 RC1

Another big release; the most notable changes include:

- Added: Video aspect ratio is auto-detected now.
- Added: Panavision aspect ratio, which is fit into 16:9 widescreen for now.
- Added: Redone encoding progress window\logging.
- Added: Support for WMV, WMA, MPEG2, FLV, 3GP and many others thanks to FFMPEG. For a full list, see http://ffmpeg.mplayerhq.hu/ffmpeg-doc.html#SEC20
- Added: Video sources which are MPEG2 and the same width, height and FPS as the source video will not be re-encoded but rather copied.
- Added: ISO image creation and burning to disc using ImgBurn.
- Added: NTSC-Film target for 24 FPS film material.
- Changed: Abandoned DirectShow, HCEnc, AVISynth and Aften in favour of FFMPEG. Hopefully the last big internal makeover.
- Fixed: Multiple video sources would repeat the first source instead of showing the next.
- Fixed: 5.1 or 6 channel AC3 audio used to get encoded to 5 channels.
- Fixed: Problems depending on Windows locale decimal point settings.
- Fixed: Destination folder in use looping message dialog.... read more

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-12-03

Released 1.1.0 final

The hopefully final finalish final version of DVD Flick 1.1.0. Most important are the usage of a newer version of the encoder, HC-Enc, and the fix of a crash that could occur when a video filter was not installed.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-10-26

Released 1.1.0 RC3

The crashing upon extracting a non-AC3 source should be fixed. There may still be problems regarding file info detection.

Full changelog:
- Fixed: Crash when starting to extract audio from a non-AC3 source. This one was painful.
- Changed: File information detection to hopefully be stable, or at least report a usable error instead of a crash.
- Changed: AVISynth, FFDShow and Haali Media Splitter are now optional install items for those that keep them up-to-date manually.
- Changed: Changed guide so that images are displayed as block for lower resolution screens.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-10-19

Released 1.1.0 RC2

In this release candidate, hopefully the crashing problems are solved, or should give a better clue as to what the cause is. Chapter creation is also fixed. And a short guide on how to use DVD Flick has also been added.

Full changelog:
- Added: A guide that describes some basic tasks. Accessible through the Start Menu folder.
- Added: Operating system and DirectX version checks.
- Added: Button to open included guide from the main dialog.
- Added: More error checks and fixes in DSLib.
- Fixed: Chapter creation would not work because of missing media data.
- Fixed: Times sometimes displayed 60 seconds instead of 1 minute.
- Fixed: Chapters with 0 as interval or in number can not be created anymore.
- Fixed: Project saving\loading.
- Changed: Got rid of the advanced mode to counter user interface obfuscation.
- Changed: Disabled advanced compilation options in VB. Assume No Aliasing most importantly.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-09-29

1.1.0 RC 1 Known Issues

There may be errors relating to AviSynth when installing. A manual uninstall of AviSynth from the Software Panel or Start Menu might fix this error.
When creating your DVD, DVD Flick may crash or simply close down without any error; this is being looked into. It is most likely a DirectShow filter problem.
And creating chapters produces a crash or lock-up when creating the DVD.

Apologies for the inconvenience, RC 2 will be out ASAP.

Posted by Dennis Meuwissen 2006-09-27

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