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Installation Notes(v0.1 alpha)

Installation is Pretty Easy, just Install Ruby, Ruby-GNOME2(http://ruby-gnome2.sourceforge.jp/hiki.cgi?Install+Guide) and dvdbackup as dependencies.

For example on my preferred distribution (Gentoo) it will be a simple # emerge dvdbackup ruby-gnome2

The Installation of the GUI is pretty easy then; just put the executable dvdbackupgtk.rb somewhere in your system path.

The step by step explanation:... read more

Posted by Marcus Sombek 2009-12-23

Notes to current version(v0.1 alpha)

In the current version(v0.1) this program will only work(at least, without great work) under Linux/UNIX because you are not able to change the default dvdbackup binary executed by this GUI.

Posted by Marcus Sombek 2009-12-23