I've fixed this issue in my local copy of the source code, but again, I'm not sure how you'd like me to submit the patch.  Should I email you an updated patch?  Are you interested in fixing this particular bug?

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM, Micah Quinn <micah.quinn@gmail.com> wrote:
No, sorry.  This code executed within a <pre> block encapsulated in a CDATA section generates the following error:

ERR:  Parse error 'syntax error, unexpected CLOSEPAREN_TOK' on token ')'

Also, to my previously submitted patch, I've noticed a bug in the negatecompare function.  It causes the bitwise and logic to be the reverse of what it should be.  I'm looking now at how to identify a bitwise and operator and not negate the if statement.

On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 5:08 AM, Andrew Church <achurch@achurch.org> wrote:
>> Perhaps I am missing something.  What is the proper way in DVDAuthor
>> script to do a bitwise comparison between a register and a static value?
>>  The equivalent in 'C' would be the following:
>> if ( g0 & 2 )
>>     printf("Bit one is set\n");
>> if ( g0 & 4 )
>>     printf("Bit two is set\n");
>> if ( g0 & 8 )
>>     printf("Bit three is set\n");

Somehwat belated, but I presume the answer to your question is:

if ((g0 & 1) != 0) g1 = 1;
if ((g0 & 2) != 0) g2 = 1;
if ((g0 & 4) != 0) g3 = 1;

  --Andrew Church

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