#2 RTP mode loses sync after 30 - 45 seconds

Don S.

When using the RTP mode with PIDS (for my ATSC case I
use: 0 39 42) the remote player (mplayer loses
synchronization after about 45 seconds) and eventually
the video locks up and the audio blips in and out.

I'm using a Gentoo 2.6.12-r2 kernel and a pcHDTV 2000
card for the video capture.

On my viewing machine (also Gentoo 2.6.12-r2) I use
mplayer to view the RTP stream over a 100 based T network.

If I use only the 8192 PID, then the mplayer viewer has
no problems display the video stream (although there
are a few dropped frames since I'm streaming a 1080i

If I use just the 0, 39, and 42 PIDS (39 is video and
42 is audio for ATSC channels in my San Diego CA area),
the mplayer viewer looks beautiful for the first 30
seconds or so (no frame drops or pixelization), but
then the audio starts dropping out and the video
eventually freezes.

Could this be some sort of caching problem with
mplayer? Or is it a an issue with dvbstream?

Thanks for your help


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