integrate libhdhomerun with tvheadend?

  • Paul Chambers

    Paul Chambers - 2012-04-28

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into directly integrating tvheadend with libhdhomerun?  seems like there' s a lot of interest in running tvheadend on NAS boxes (like those from QNAP and Synology). Adding kernel modules to such embedded environments raises the skill level required :)  (e.g. when cross-building for a different kernel version).

    Seems like tighter integration and better ease-of-use (e.g. scanning and mapping…) would be possible if tvheadend were to be taught how to deal with libhdhomerun directly.

    I bring it up here, since I know Villy's familiar with both ;)

    p.s. not implying there's anything wrong with dvbhdhomerun, definitely a more general approach.

  • Villy Thomsen

    Villy Thomsen - 2012-04-28

    Hi Paul,

    Using libhdhomerun directly in tvheadend was actually my initial plan. ;-)

    But tvheadend is (or at least was when I looked) designed to simply use the Linux DVB API for accessing the various tuners that support that API - which is of course a quite obvious way of doing it.  But makes it rather hard to stuff proprietary libraries like libhdhomerun on top of it.

    That together with fact my driver could be used with any program that uses the DVB API a rather easy decision to go for the general approach.

    So long story short, I would't bother with it. There can  as you say be quite a steep learning curve in getting the kernel module compiled/running on embedded device X - but once it is cracked once it is usually trivial to do it again.

  • Kevin Worth

    Kevin Worth - 2014-01-10

    I know this is an old thread to bump, but I kept coming across it in desperate attempts to google my way to a solution. Updating with a couple threads that are somewhat recent/relevant.

    Discussion on supportability of tvheadend with HD HomeRun Prime (CableCard tuner) with SiliconDust (HDHR manufacturer) dev, including why the Prime doesn't work consistently/correctly with tvheadend+dvbhdhomerun.

    Open issue on TVHE site to directly integrate libhdhomerun (skipping the DVB layer) - The issue was closed initially but later re-opened, but has sat idle due to lack of developer resources/interest. If all the frustrated forum posts I've found where people are trying to use something like Raspberry Pi + OpenELEC + XBMC + tvheadend + HDHomeRun Prime are any indicator, there is a pretty big audience that would make use of such work.

    Last edit: Kevin Worth 2014-01-10

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