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Duty Roaster / News: Recent posts


It has been some time since the last release, mainly because i didn't have that much time. Don't expect any spectacular changes since the last release. However, 'legal periods' are no longer specified by start weeks but by partial dates - thus the format of the save files has changed one more time. Besides, duty-roaster now compiles with gcc-4.1 and supports gnu gettext. Note that the file format is garantied to stay compatible for the 0.1.x versions, which will be around for some time.

Posted by mlangc 2006-04-09

subversion repository

duty-roaster now lives in a svn repository. I've granted anon read access for everbody. You reach the repository via svn:// where you most likley want to check out the 'trunk' directory.

Posted by mlangc 2005-12-19


Well, it has been some time since the last realease. So you are right if you expect some nontrivial changes. Unfortunatley my windows installation has some problems at the moment, so that I'm not able to delever a windows binary right now. I hope that I will be able to do so in the next view days.

Posted by mlangc 2005-11-08

duty-roaster 0.0.81

This is a bugfix release only. I hope the program is now more reliable. You should update by any means.

Posted by mlangc 2005-08-30

Annoying bugs

There are some annoying bugs in version 0.0.80. An update will be availble soon.

Posted by mlangc 2005-08-28

New screenshots

As the old ones have been made some time ago, when the program looked at least partly different, I decied to completly replace them with recent ones.

Posted by mlangc 2005-08-22

duty-roaster 0.0.80

duty-roaster 0.0.80 has been relesed. Besides I've uploaded an tutorial. Enjoy !

Posted by mlangc 2005-08-20

FAQ uploaded

I have created a minimalistic faq for the project.

Posted by mlangc 2005-07-27