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Posted by Jussi Lind 2015-04-29

Version 1.11.0 released

New features:

  • Finally a difficulty setting with three levels: Easy, Medium and Senna
  • Show a red overlay on hard crashes
  • Cars can get damaged


  • Remove alpha blending from the plant object
  • Stabilize the steering a bit

Bug fixes:

  • Editor: Fix wrong scale when track given as a CLI argument
  • Editor: Don't try to open a track if filename is empty
  • Fix unit tests


  • Refactor settingsmenu.hpp
  • Refactor steering logic
  • Sparkles as surface particles
  • Use same renderer for all particle batches
Posted by Jussi Lind 2015-04-28

Version 1.10.0 released

In this release multiple issues with shadow rendering are fixed.
Particle rendering is completely reworked and also the track editor
is given some love. Issues with depth testing are fixed. A lot of
bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements and changes.

New features:

  • Add a chicane to straight.trk and make it shorter
  • Instantly change the virtual resolution between fullscreen modes
  • Longer start grid to Suzuka
  • Make it possible to spin
  • Show lap time in message area
  • Simple specular effect for the cars
  • Take more car colors in to use
  • Editor: Different colors for brake and brake hard
  • Editor: Implement row and col deletion
  • Editor: Implement row and column insertion... read more
Posted by Jussi Lind 2015-04-07

Version 1.9.2 released

Bug fixes:

  • Fix rendering of the windowed mode.
  • Fix rendering in other than native resolutions.


  • Take maximum supported texture size into account.
  • QGLFramebufferObject => QOpenGLFramebufferObject.
  • Add camera location support to MCGLShaderProgram.
  • Simplify FBO shading.
  • CMake: Check for polices before setting.
  • Fix some MSVC compilation warnings.
  • Improve documentaton in mcglscene.hh
  • Add getters for eyeZ and viewAngle.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2015-01-18

Version 1.9.1 released

New features:

  • Rotating leaf particles
  • Show game version in the intro screen.


  • Set VSync default to 'ON'.
  • Force QSettings to .INI-format on Windows.
  • Make the code compile with MS Visual C++ 2013.
  • Improved tile graphics
  • Re-license artwork under CC BY-SA
  • Switch to the new QSurface-based graphics stack
  • Engine improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Fix broken OpenGL scene size on virtual desktops.
  • Fix multiple bridge issues
  • Fix crash when quitting
  • Fix rendering of two-player game
Posted by Jussi Lind 2015-01-01

Version 1.8.3 released

Bug fixes:

  • Fix some physics issues
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-11-21

Version 1.8.2 released

New features:

  • New race track suzuka.trk


  • Physics improvements
  • More stable and agile car handling
  • Lighter tire object

Bug fixes:

  • Fix multiple bugs in the bridge component
  • Fix compilation with Clang
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-11-17

Version 1.8.1 released


  • Tune car parameters


  • Drop support for Qt4
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-11-08

Version 1.8.0 released

New features:

  • More realistic and dynamic car physics for funnier gameplay.
  • Rewritten bridge object that now actually even works
  • Some graphics improvements
  • Transparent shadows
  • Two-player game views separated by a narrow line
  • Filtering added to some textures
  • Some car graphics improved
  • Driving off-track is now more merciful

Bug fixes:

  • Fix installing the game when not built in the source root. Patch by Rémi Verschelde.
  • Enhancement of the desktop files. Patch by Rémi Verschelde.
  • Fix bridge... read more
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-11-02

Version 1.7.2 released

New features

  • French translations

Bug fixes:

  • Fix computer driving lines in twister.trk
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-03-29

Version 1.7.0 released

New features:

  • twister.trk
  • Bridge object.
  • Fade out flash transition.
  • Turn left and turn right signs.
  • CLI option to force vsync off.
  • New crash sound.
  • Editor: visualize computer hints.
  • Move user tracks to the beginning of the track array.
  • Increase the initial slide friction to 1.0

Bug fixes:

  • Don't show prev/next if on first/last item.
  • Remove specular shaders from crate and tire.
  • Fix computer driving line in curvastone.trk
  • Fix off-track detection on 'sand grass straight' tile.... read more
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-03-09

Version 1.6.3 released

Changes in short:

  • Specular lighting (for e.g. the walls)
  • Set race record only when racing with computers
  • Update Czech translations
  • Engine improvements and refactorings
  • Bug fixes
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-01-26

Version 1.6.1 released

New this time:

  • New, more efficient game loop
  • Refactored menu layouts
  • Vsync setting
  • Translation updates
  • Some new cars
  • Command line option to force language
  • Engine improvements
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-12-18

Version 1.5.5 released


  • Fix OpenGL and vsync problems on Windows.
  • Start in full screen mode by default
  • New font
  • Add blue car
  • Italian, Czech and Finnish translations
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-12-08

Version 1.5.2 released


  • Sounds via OpenAL Soft
  • Pit stops
  • Race time records
  • Improved particle effects
  • Italian translations (by Paolo Straffi)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Support MXE for Windows builds on Linux

The full changelog is so long that I rather not paste it here :)

Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-12-01

Version 1.4.6 released

Most significant changes in a nutshell:

  • Tile graphics reworked + source SVGs added
  • Menus fully controllable with a mouse/touch input
  • Option for horizontal split
  • Bug fixes

The full change log:

  • Option for horizontal split.
  • Tune sliding parameters.
  • Remove deprecated sandAreaCurve45*.
  • Make track selection menu usable with mouse.
  • Refactor MCSurfaceConfigLoader.
  • Add blur to star.png
  • Rework tile graphics.
  • Remove sandGrassStraight45Female.
  • Remove glPushAttrib() from StartlightsOverlay.
  • Rework startlights.
  • Remove sandAreaCurve45*. Graphics to be added directly to the tile.
  • Remove unused src images.
  • Fix artifacts in the textured font.
  • Fix Help on wide screens.
  • Rename confusing MCSurface::setScale() to ::setSize().
  • Automatically show/hide mouse cursor.
  • Fade startlights out on GO.
  • Refactor view splitting.
  • Support translations via Qt.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-09-28

Version 1.4.3 released

  • This release is mainly for supporting OpenGL 2.1 by default.
    Previously OpenGL 3.0 was the minimum requirement.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-09-12

Version 1.4.2 released

This is mostly a bug fix and graphics improvement release. A lot of changes also under the hood.

The full change log:

  • Fix computer driving lines in monza.trk
  • Make the game a bit more challenging.
  • More sane shader API.
  • Fix normals.
  • Normal mapping for cars.
  • Tune car parameters.
  • Move ShaderProgram to MiniCore.
  • Refactor steering.
  • Improve steering stability.
  • Updates triangle.trk.
  • Updates rock.png.
  • No contrast setting for the grandstand.
  • Add some crates to straight.trk.
  • Fix batched rendering of surface shadows.
  • Collision detection for MCCircleShape.
  • Refactor MCCollisionDetector.
  • Remove unused variable from MCCircleShape.
  • Fix the contrast algorithm.
  • Less aggressive off track message.
  • Update INSTALL.
  • Move install stuff to InstallLinux.cmake and InstallWindows.cmake.... read more
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-09-03

Version 1.4.1 released

Most significant changes in a nutshell:

  • Graphics improvements (multitextured sand tiles, new bush objects..)
  • Tires wear out when off track causing sliding
  • Track locking and best positions are now separately handled for each lap count
  • Code preparations for the upcoming Android/GLES port using Qt 5.1
  • Bug fixes


  • Display a message when off track.
  • Refactor on-display messaging.
  • Android compatibility improvements.
  • GLES compatibility improvements.
  • Simplify texture and program binding.
  • Add MC_NO_GLEW define to allow compilation without GLEW.
  • Drop dependency to QGLWidget in MCSurfaceManager.
  • Add missing virtual destructor body to MCGravityGenerator.
  • Move common GL stuff into MCGLObjectBase.
  • Move aboutdlg.* to obsolete/
  • Remove useless variable.
  • Remove useless includes.
  • Fix CPack on out-of-source builds.
  • Load shaders from source code.
  • Multitextured sand.
  • Support third texture.
  • Update curvastone.trk
  • Update monza.trk
  • Editor: Object rotation can be set randomly.
  • Add bushArea object.
  • Tires wear out when off track.
  • Track locking and best positions per lap count.
  • Menus remember saved values.
  • Add a generic quit item (X) to menus.
  • Show cursor with --show-cursor.
  • Menu items can be selected with a mouse.
  • Don't try to swap buffers if not enabled.
  • Fix app shutdown on Windows.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-07-04

Version 1.3.0 released

  • Include Qt version in CPack package names.
  • Point sprite skid marks.
  • Fix Z-buffering of grandstands.
  • Set brightness and contrast in the surface config.
  • Refactor MCSurfaceMetaData.
  • Mud particles as MCGLRectParticles.
  • Soften grandstand.png.
  • Off-track smoke.
  • Fix zero glPointSize().
  • Optimize batch rendering.
  • Rename pCamera to camera.
  • Add constructor for ActionMapping.
  • Renames m_vba => m_vao.
  • Optimize texture and VAO usage.
  • Adds starting grid to all race tracks.
  • Refactors rendering stuff out from MCWorld to MCWorldRenderer.
  • Adds ring.trk
  • Fix unlocking of new race tracks.
  • Fix performance issues due to faulty texture scaling.
  • Increase smoke timeout.
  • Scale particle point size with resolution.
  • GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW hint for particles.
  • Font improvements.
  • High contrast graphics.
  • Proper batching for point sprites.
  • Fix crash with OpenGL 3.3
  • Remove obsolete keyword maxGlyphsPerRow.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-05-17

Version 1.2.2 released

  • Tune car parameters.
  • Fix track unlocking.
  • Add 3 and 5 to lap count selection.
  • CMake: Use target_link_libraries for MiniCore.
  • CMake: Support for CPack.
  • Fix build on Windows.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-04-14

Version 1.2.1 released

The most notable changes in a nutshell:

  • New sand graphics
  • Smaller cars with improved parameters
  • Selectable lap count
  • Qt5 support
  • Editor improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Code refactorings

The complete changelog:

  • Swap buffers only when renderer is enabled.
  • Add 1 lap to lap count selection.
  • Fine tune the font.
  • Editor: Delete objects after they have been removed from the scene. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Refactor StateMachine.
  • Use Qt signal and lambda to exit game from menu.
  • CMake: Print message about used Qt version.
  • Move Scene::translateCarsToStartPositions() to Race::
  • Simplify menu texts.
  • Removes useless QApplication::setGraphicsSystem("opengl")
  • Removes dead code.
  • Editor: The New Track Dialog validates entered values.
  • Editor: Add shortcuts for undo and redo.
  • Editor: Add Undo. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Remove lap count property from race tracks.
  • Add lap count menu.
  • Add sandAreaCurve45 and sandAreaCurve45Right.
  • Editor: Handle objects before target nodes.
  • Correctly fade alpha.
  • Adds sandAreaBig object.
  • Adds sandAreaCurve object.
  • Even smaller cars.
  • Smaller turning impulse.
  • More off-track friction.
  • Simplifies the texture font system and config.
  • Separate resolution menus for windowed and full screen.
  • Refactor main.cpp
  • Resolution scaling.
  • Remove obsolete OpenGL stuff from MCGLScene.
  • Editor: Add flood fill. Patch by Markus Rinne.
  • Prepare the project for Qt5.
  • Refactors Startlights.
  • More variance to computer speeds.
  • Full screen by default.
  • Add a comment about moment of intertia.
  • Refactors StateMachine.
  • Updates packaging.
  • Editor: Refactors mouse event handling in EditorView.
  • Generate desktop files only if ReleaseBuild defined.
  • Adds home site url to the Help page.
  • Refactors the number plate generation to GraphicsFactory.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-04-11

Version 1.0.2 released

Bug fixes to packaging and installation on Linux:

  • Fixes install targets.
  • Adds support for USC.
  • Make sure the first track is always unlocked.
  • Updates packaging.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-02-23

Version 1.0.1 released

Fixes a bug that caused all race tracks to be locked on fresh installs.

  • Unlock the first race track.
  • Generate desktop files only on Linux.
  • CMake: Output binaries to CMAKE_BINARY_DIR instead of CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR.
  • Limit the power to 200 kW.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-02-16

It's a miracle: version 1.0.0 released!

The version 1.0.0 is finally released with a number of changes.

  • Improves the lighting model.
  • Improves the game dynamics.
  • Support for mesh objects.
  • Removes MCSurfaceConfigLoader::setConfigPath().
  • Adds cube.obj
  • Moves MCObject::hasShadow() to MCShapeView.
  • Configurable keys.
  • Refactors SettingsMenu::SettingsMenu()
  • Show all stars when best pos is 1.
  • Less acceleration friction.
  • Friction limits acceleration.
  • Updates the car svg's.
  • Adds documentation to TrackObjectFactory.
  • Transparent background for the new application icons.
  • Rename Track Editor to Level Editor in dustrac-editor.desktop
  • Sets fixed limit to lateral friction.
  • Adds clamp() and clampFast() to MCVector2d and MCVector3d.
  • Updates curvastone.trk, infinity.trk, triangle.trk.
  • Removes irritating.trk, demo.trk and circle.trk as they were crap.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2013-02-10