Version 1.7.0 released

New features:

  • twister.trk
  • Bridge object.
  • Fade out flash transition.
  • Turn left and turn right signs.
  • CLI option to force vsync off.
  • New crash sound.
  • Editor: visualize computer hints.
  • Move user tracks to the beginning of the track array.
  • Increase the initial slide friction to 1.0

Bug fixes:

  • Don't show prev/next if on first/last item.
  • Remove specular shaders from crate and tire.
  • Fix computer driving line in curvastone.trk
  • Fix off-track detection on 'sand grass straight' tile.


  • Small improvements to render timing.
  • Optimize VBO, VAO and texture binding.
  • Optimize viewport switching.
  • Optimize the use of GL_DEPTH_TEST.
  • Use random functionality from C++11.
  • Improve sky reflection.
  • Update scripts/genericLinuxBuildQt5
Posted by Jussi Lind 2014-03-09

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