Version 0.8.1 released

The most significant changes:

  • Finishing in TOP-5 unlocks the next race track.
  • Adds star ratings to track selection menu.
  • Adds the Settings menu.
  • Disable wrapping around in TrackSelectionMenu.
  • Adds an arrow to the finish line preview tile.
  • Updates the Help menu.
  • Updates the credits menu.
  • Adds a new track circle.trk
  • Refines the intro.
  • Improves the smoke effect.
  • Particle performance improvements.
  • Adds on-screen messages.
  • Fixes turning on reverse.
  • Also 'B' brakes.
  • Fixes the scaling of startLightGlow.
  • Save and load best positions.
  • Adds index-based track ordering.
  • Show time as mm:ss.zz
  • Adds error handling for shader loading.

  • Editor: Makes object rotation incremental.

  • Editor: Open the "save as" dialog when saving (CTRL+S) the first time.
Posted by Jussi Lind 2012-09-26

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