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DUnit 9.3.0 now available in Subversion

DUnit 9.3.0 is now available in Subversion at https://dunit.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/dunit and contains a new {$M+}/{$M-} guard around the declaration of TAbstractTest in TestFramework.pas to remove the Delphi 2007 compiler warning when TestCase classes declared without {$M+) have published sections.

Posted by Jud Cole 2008-05-02

DUnit 9.3.0 released - major improvements

Numerous significant improvements including FASTMM and MadExcept support, speed improvements and optional memory leak checking - see the Release notes for details.

Posted by Jud Cole 2007-02-13

Checked in support for FASTMM and memory leak tracking

Modifications to fully support FASTMM and memory leak tracking for Delphi 5 and later are now available in CVS.

A Release version will follow in a few weeks.

Posted by Jud Cole 2006-08-01

DUnit Guidelines for Change Requests and Contributions added

We have posted a Guidelines for Change Requests and Contributions document for anyone interested in participating in the development and improvement of DUnit.

It can be viewed at


Posted by Jud Cole 2005-12-21

DUnit for Kylix

A version of DUnit that runs with Kylix, Borland's Pascal RAD tool for Linux, is available in the downloads area.

The modified source files have also been incorporated into the CVS repository.

Posted by Juancarlo Añez 2001-03-15

Dunit can now report module and line number of failures

Using JclDebug, from the JEDI JCL library (http://www.delphi-jedi.org), DUnit can now report the module, procedure, and line number of a failure.

To enable the feature, define the USE_JEDI_JCL conditional variable, and provide a path to the JCL library.

Posted by Juancarlo Añez 2001-02-10

DUnit released - XP Unit Test Framework for Del

ANN: DUnit released - XP Unit Test Framework for Delphi

The latest version of DUnit ( has been released. It can be downloaded here:


DUnit is an Extreme Programming (XP) testing framework for writing unit tests in Delphi.

Included in this release:


Additions made in the last few releases:

- Full API documentation in HTML format (Time2Help).
- Thorough readme introduction to DUnit.... read more

Posted by Chris Morris 2000-12-06

FAQs in Docs Section

There's now a FAQ section on the Documents page. Check it out.

Posted by Chris Morris 2000-09-06

Procedure for adding developers

Taken from Juanco's post of the CVS guideline, I propose we start here and change as needed:

People who want checkin access are first requested to send patches and have them reviewed by a developer. If they submit some good ones (preferably over a period of time, to demonstrate sustained interest), then one of the developers can ask the dunit-developers mailing list whether it is OK to make this person a developer (after first sending the prospective developer a copy of this file and then having the prospective developer say they want to be a developer). If there are no objections, the person will be made a developer.

Posted by Chris Morris 2000-07-17

Charter for dunit-developers

I've taken the charter for the devel-cvs mailing list Juanco posted as a basis for this list. The following has also been added as the description for the mailing list in the list admin pages. This is still open for discussion if anyone wants to chime in.

The DUnit developers list exists to help people with access to the CVS source repository co-ordinate changes, make releases, and administer the repository.... read more

Posted by Chris Morris 2000-07-17

Development Guidelines

1) Everyone is responsible for picking tasks. No one will be assigning you anything. Prior to working on a bug or task, make sure you assign yourself to the task so others know what you are working on. It'd also be a good idea to post to the developers list when you do assign a bug/task to yourself. You can also use "cvs edit" and "cvs watch" to aid in preventing duplicated work.... read more

Posted by Chris Morris 2000-07-17

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