I would like offer to the list members some examples of using DUnit. These
are Delphi translations of two articles on Java by William C. Wake which I
found some months ago. These articles are about developing a search
application by the XP 'test then code' approach. ('The Test/Code Cycle in XP:
Part 1, Model' and 'The Test/Code Cycle in XP: Part 2, GUI') I found these
extremely interesting, particularly the one dealing with the GUI aspects.
This was an area which I personally had always avoided even attempting to
test, whilst knowing that it is the most important part of any programme to
the end user.

I therefore set to work to translate the JAVA code into Delphi and used DUnit
as the testing framework. If anyone is interested, they will find the results
in files DSearchTest.zip and DSearchGUITest.zip on my home page
http://ourworld.cs.com/asmithmontebello together with links to the various
items by other people. The files are approached via the 'Free Samples!'
route. Any defects in the structure after the translation are of course my
fault, but there are some extenuating factors as explained in the README.txt
files in the archives.

Andrew Smith