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Project started!

So the project has finally started! There is one screenshot available. Note that the game requires Amiga equipped with AmigaOS3.x and graphics card. It uses 256 colors graphics taken from PC version of Dune 2. I wrote some working code which I will publish here soon along with binaries. Here are the features:
1. The game engine generates random terrain and you can smoothly scroll it.
2. Additionally the terrain can be revealed in circular shape from given point and the shroud fields properly overlaps.
3. The engine can load and decompress shape (graphics) files from PC version of the game and display it.
4. The buildings can be added to map and can be selected. Once selected the sidebar control panel is displayed with build options. If you move mouse pointer over the control panel a tooltip is displayed.... read more

Posted by Robert Szacki 2010-01-25