Problem with level 2 dump

  • pol

    pol - 2005-05-10

    There is no dump on saturday and sunday.
    Every night I make a level 0 dump of a partition and , at 13h00, I make a level 1 dump on a magnetic tape. Then, every 2 hours (except the night), I make a level 2 dump on a partition.

    my problem is:
    Every monday morning , the level 2 dump has the size of a level 0 dump. This partition contains 10 homedirs and the only thing that changes is the mail. Is there a reason?

    nb: sorry for my english ;)

    • Stelian Pop

      Stelian Pop - 2005-05-11

      So the level 2 dump shoud contain everything that changed since the friday level 1 dump.

      You can list (with restore -t) the contents of this dump and see if something is wrong.

      Keep in mind that dump backups all inodes whos ctime or mtime has changed since the last dump. If you have some daemon messing with ctime/mtime (like a virus scan for example...) on week-ends, this could explain the issue...


    • pol

      pol - 2005-05-12

      Thanks for your reply!

      I will list the contents of my dump but I think it will contain all the partition... I'll do it next monday.

      Is there a method to know the mtime and ctime?


      • Stelian Pop

        Stelian Pop - 2005-05-12

        Just issue the 'stat' command on the files.

    • pol

      pol - 2005-05-17

      Before the level 2 dump I test mtime on all the partition /home: the size is smaller than a "normal" level 2 dump. I don't verify the ctime.
      Yesterday,the first level 2 dump is correct: it is not equal to the level 0 dump... There are two possibilities:
      ---> last friday, the level 1 dump on a magnetic tape wasn't done
      ---> I made my test before the level 2 dump.

      Next moday i'll test ctime too...

    • pol

      pol - 2005-05-19

      I test the ctime and dump's size is correct I have to find the program that changes ctime...

      thanks for your help!


    • pol

      pol - 2005-05-26


      I find the programm! We use a software that dumps our homedirs and changes the ctime when it makes a total backup.

      Thanks for your help stelian!


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