Kyle Wilson - 2004-12-02

I am trying to restore data that was dumped from a netapp filer.  It was done with a 3rd party backup application that also leaves a small tar header at the beginning of each tape.  I can load the first tape, position it past the tar header, and start restore in interactive mode.  After selecting files, I attempt to begin extracting.  Since there are 3 tapes, I position the 3rd tape past the tar header and proceed with the extract on volume 3.  This fails with the error that it is not a dump tape.  I believe that the netapp created one very large dump file which spans 3 tapes, and since the 3rd tape doesn't contain the beginning of a dump file restore cannot read it.  Does anyone know if that makes sense?  If this is the case, does that mean I should start the restore from the first tape and work to the 3rd, rather than starting with the last tape and working to tape 1?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.