Creat/mod date of symlink upon restore.

  • zephyrus

    zephyrus - 2006-03-13


    Thank you for maintaining the package.

    I did a (full) dump and restore to re-create
    my partition on a new disk and was a little
    surprised at the following observation.

    symlinks had the timestamp of
    restored (i.e., newly created on the
    new disk) rather than
    the old time when they were created.

    This is not a big deal mostly, however
    when I did

      ls -ltr

    to look at the directory contents, it was
    a little disturbing to see a different listing
    on the old partition and the new partition.

    I am not sure if the old (BSD?) dump/restore
    had the same tendency to give the timestamp
    of the restoration time to symlinks instead
    of the original time of creation.
    (I no longer maintain BSD-ish machines although
    I used to support sunos 4.1.x series for quite some time. But I don't recall this problem.
    It may be that I simply didn't bother to run
    ls -ltr or whatever to see if there were
    any differences in the old and new filesystem

    Anyway, if the change is unlikly to break
    the existing scripts, etc., it might be
    a good idea to
    restore/create the symlinks with the original
    date instead of the restoration time.

    Just a thought.


    • nickwen

      nickwen - 2006-03-13

      i found the same problem, the symbol link files are always created with 777 mode.

    • Stelian Pop

      Stelian Pop - 2006-03-13

      In UNIX symlinks are special. They have no permission bits (mode is forced to 777), and there is no way to change their timestamp (utimes() does not work on symlinks and there is no lutimes() syscall).

      I am quite sure that BSD systems behave the same.


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