level 2 restore: No such file or directory

  • nickwen

    nickwen - 2006-04-10

    RedHat WS4.0 with SELlinux(x86)

    dump -u0 -b 60 -B 600000 -M -f /root/stdev /dev/hda2
    changed some files

    dump -u0 -b 60 -B 600000 -M -f /root/stdevnew /dev/hda2

    /root/stdev and /root/stdevnew both are just normal files on harddisk.

    image are dumped with 0.4b41, not error/warning are printed

    restore -b 60 -r -f  /root/stdev
    no error reported!

    restore -b 60 -r f=f /root/stdevnew

    restore gives message:

    Dump tape is compressed.

    restore: ./tmp/.ICE-unix/3279 No such file or directory

    ./tmp/.ICE-unix/3279 is just like a unix socket id.

    • Stelian Pop

      Stelian Pop - 2006-04-12

      Your subject mentions level _2_ restore, but your post shown two level _0_ dumps. What information is correct ?

      Also, maybe you should add the -v (verbose) flag to restore in order to have a bit more information about what is happening. You can also try the -d (debug) flag in addition.


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