restore multi-volume failed

  • nickwen

    nickwen - 2006-02-28

    i firstly dump a partition to disk with two volumes(one is 200M, the other is 150M).

    :dump -u0 -b 60 -B 200000 -M -f /tmp/stdev

    then i burning two volumes to two CD discs.

    :restore -r -b 60 -V -M -f /mnt/cdrom/stdev

    restore failed on a file about 20M on first CD.

    is there any problem if dump with -B when 
    dumping a big file(on border)???

    • Stelian Pop

      Stelian Pop - 2006-02-28

      No, there should be no problem.

      Are you able to restore from the original files ?

      Try comparing (md5sum) the original files and the files you burned on the CDs to eliminate a bad burn possibility.

      What is the restore error anyway ?

    • nickwen

      nickwen - 2006-03-07

      Yes, solved, it is the cdrw makes I/O errors


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