#138 Incomplete Restore When Using Quick File Access

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Steve Bonds

When restoring files using the -Q parameter to a QFA file made by dump 0.4b41 (libext2fs 1.39) some files end up with a file size of 4096 when they should be much larger. Restoring without the -Q parameter works fine and restores the full files.


  • Stelian Pop

    Stelian Pop - 2010-04-27
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  • Stelian Pop

    Stelian Pop - 2010-04-27


    Is this on a regular size dump or only on your 4TB dump (thinking about another long long issue) ?

    Can you look into the QFA file (it is a text file containing lines composed of <inode number> <tape number> <tape position>) if something looks strange ?


  • Steve Bonds

    Steve Bonds - 2010-04-27

    This is on a 200GB-ish sized dump, not the huge one.

    The QFA file looks fine structurally. The inode numbers of the files I wanted to restore are present. I'm not sure how I would verify the tapepos is accurate.

    I'm working up a test case that might help demonstrate the problem-- if it's repeatable. If not, things could get interesting in a hurry...

    -- Steve

  • Stelian Pop

    Stelian Pop - 2010-04-28

    Ok, I'll wait for the test case then. Thanks !


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