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Dumbster / News: Recent posts

Dumbster 1.6 released

Dumbster 1.6 has been released today. This release addresses a number of issues related to threading and timing providing a more stable test tool.

Posted by Jason Kitchen 2005-04-04

Dumbster 1.4 available

Dumbster 1.4 is now available. This release incorporates a number of bug fixes and suggested improvements from the user community. In addition Dumbster source code is now available through the CVS repository. A prebuilt "binary" jar file is also available.

Posted by Jason Kitchen 2004-11-11

Dumbster email testing tool available for download

Version 1.2 of the Dumbster is now available for download. The Dumbster is a fake SMTP server written in Java that responds to SMTP requests and makes received messages available for query at a later time. All useful features for a SMTP server that can be used in an automated testing suite.

Posted by Jason Kitchen 2004-06-14