Dual Wallpaper - command line

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    DualWallpaper does exactly what I need.
    How can I run it from a command line / batch file

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    DualWallpaper is not really suitable for running from a batch file as it is an interactive application.
    If there was a particular subset of its functionality that you wanted to be available from a batch file, then if it was possible to specify the activity via command line parameters, I may be able to update the program to perform this.

  • CKolumbus

    CKolumbus - 2014-04-12

    Do do have developed as command line version of DualWallpaper that currently uses hardcoded values for stretch and always considers all monitors. It gets a filename on the command line and uses overstretch to map it to all monitors.
    It completely re-uses the code for the gui version, only the 'main' changed. Therefore some error messages still would show up as Message Boxes. Some refactoring of the orginal code would be needed to avoid this. Anyway, it's working fine for me. If someone else is interested, just drop me a not!

    PS: I've added the implementation as attachemen. You should just unpack it in the DualWallpaper folder of the original sources (where the DualWallpaper.sln solution file resides) and then you can add the DualWallpaper_cmd.cdproj file in the DualWallpaper_cmd directory to the original DualWallpaper solution and compile it. Did not test it too much an definitely it could get some beef-up in Command line parsing. But it's a start.

    Last edit: CKolumbus 2014-04-12
  • Vladi Sama

    Vladi Sama - 2014-05-29

    Hi Chris :)
    thanks for the great apps :)

    can you please compile the command line version and upload it to sourceforge? My compiling skills are 0/100 :)
    Oh and add description of the commands if you havent already :)

    Thanks again and... Live Long and Prosper :)

  • Gerald Evans

    Gerald Evans - 2014-07-30

    I've added the code from Chris (Many thanks for this) to the main source, ready to be built for the next release (1.10). Also added options to allow the stretch type to be specified. Are there any other options that anyone needs?

  • Sam Hasler

    Sam Hasler - 2017-05-15

    My monitor layout is 1, 4, 2P, 3. (with dimentions: 1600x1200, 1920x1200, 2560x1600, 1920x1200)

    I'd like to be able to script Dual Wallpaper to put a different image on each screen, with different strech options.

    I think since people may move their montitors around, it should use the monitors "identify" numbering rather than physical layout to assign images to montiors. That way if I rearange the monitors: 4, 2P, 3. 1, I can still use the same command to set the wallpaper.

    So something like:

    C:> DualWallpaper -su montor1.png -so montor2.png -so montor3.png -su montor4.png

    where e.g.: for the layout "1, 4, 2P, 3." montor2.png would be on the third from left montor, not the second from left.


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