Dual Wallpaper points

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have only used the DW tool so far and I am grateful since I have done the job I wanted. Few points to consider if it is worth your while:

    1) It'd be good to affect the selected monitor only.
    At the moment (ver. 1.8) 'Set wallpaper' affects both monitors. If I chosen an image for screen 1 and nothing for screen 2 (left it black),  1 will change to the image and 2 to black.

    2) Recognition of existing image on each monitor? I don't know how difficult that would be but it'd be nice when DW loads to display the current images on the GUI.

    3) Could the image rotate with the screen? Unsure whether this is even relevant to such utility or graphics card but I have a screen that rotates batween landscape and portrait. I use for documents in P and photos in L but when I rotate the orientation the wallpaper does not follow.

    Last point relevant to all tools
    4) Is there scope for all tools to be bundled together and launch one program to access them all? There must be a reason for having them separately but no harm in asking.


  • Gerald Evans

    Gerald Evans - 2011-11-09

    Thanks for the points:

    1) The 'Set Wallpaper' uses a Windows feature to set the wallpaper and this sets the wallpaper for all screens.  I am not aware of any way to tell Windows to just change the wallpaper on a single screen.  However…

    2) This sounds like a good idea, and would offer a way to affectively achieve 1).

    3) This functionality would really need to be handled by something like a Wallpaper Changer.  One challenge with this would be handling the change in aspect ratio, although you could specify different wallpapers for L and P.

    4) The plan is that in version 2, the resident tools (Swap Screen, Dual Snap, DisMon and Dual Launcher) will be implemented as a single application.  Dual Wallpaper may still be left as a separate application.

    Thanks again for the comments.


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