MS Office 2010 / Desktop Icons Issues

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I tried DisMon on one computer in the office. Next day I had to update Adobe Reader from 9 to X and Java from 6 to 7 on all the computers in the office. After that the only PC I used DisMon on started to act strage. When using two monitors, all the icons on the desktop showed background (before it was transparent), and MS Office 2010 programs (Outlook/Word/Excel) menus look like they are from Windows 3.11. When using just one monitor, MS Office is fine (icon background is still showing). Not sure if it is related to DisMon, but that's the only program I used just on one computer; Adobe and Java were installed on all of them, and all the other PCs are OK. Does DisMon make any registry changes when used? If yes, where exactly?

    Thanks for helping beforehand

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I have just tried to recreate how it happens on another PC which just has Win XP, Adobe 9, Java 7, and RealVNC. The problem happened again when I connected to the test PC with RealVNC and tried to disable one monitor with DisMon. Before, when I used DisMon without RealVNC, everything was fine, and RealVNC without DisMon also was fine. So the issue happens when both DisMon and RealVNC are used. Will also try to get help from RealVNC people and also by looking at the registry

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I played with them a little more and I think I got it fixed on the test PC. Will try again on the original PC. Hope it helps anyone who encounters the same issue and hopefully this can be resolved. For now I will look for other ways to disable/enable second monitor quickly


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