Refresh Rate and save primary monitor

  • Ikana

    Ikana - 2012-11-14

    Hi, I am Windows 7 user who owns both 1080p HDTV with 120Hz Motion Interpolation and my new 144Hz 1080p 3D monitor.

    Before I have my new 144Hz 3D monitor, I used to have 60Hz 1050p monitor and I alway use my HDTV as my primary and I used ResSwitch.exe to change refresh rate of my HDTV between 23 and 60Hz.

    I used 23Hz to play Windows Media Player smooth on my HDTV and it had to be primary so that WMP wouldn't run as 60Hz (because of my 60fps monitor) on my HDTV running 23fps (will stutter so bad). I also use HDTV running 60Hz for either PC gaming and/or let application run smooth like butter on my secondary monitor because I don't want to go through the control panel to change primary from HDTV to monitor or vice versa.

    Right now I just got 144Hz 3D monitor recently! However, it won't run 3D or 144Hz without making it a primary monitor from my HDTV. So I had to search for a such software that will switch primary between my 3D monitor and HDTV. And I stumbled upon this awesome program!

    I wrote batch files:

    "%drive%\Alt+0160\DisMon.exe" -2p -x
    "%drive%\Alt+0160\ResSwitch.exe" /WIDTH:1920 /HEIGHT:1080 /FREQ:23 /DEPTH:32 /DEVICE:\\.\DISPLAY2


    "%drive%\Alt+0160\DisMon.exe" -1p -x
    "%drive%\Alt+0160\ResSwitch.exe" /WIDTH:1920 /HEIGHT:1080 /FREQ:60 /DEPTH:32 /DEVICE:\\.\DISPLAY2

    And DisMon.exe will not save primary without running a such software.

    So I thought why not…

    "%drive%\Alt+0160\DisMon.exe" -2p -x "%drive%\Alt+0160\ResSwitch.exe" /WIDTH:1920 /HEIGHT:1080 /FREQ:23 /DEPTH:32 /DEVICE:\\.\DISPLAY2


    "%drive%\Alt+0160\DisMon.exe" -1p -x "%drive%\Alt+0160\ResSwitch.exe" /WIDTH:1920 /HEIGHT:1080 /FREQ:60 /DEPTH:32 /DEVICE:\\.\DISPLAY2

    Now, ResSwitch.exe didn't seem to do the job after DisMon.exe.

    Here's my feature request!
    Please include parameter -r:## (R for (R)efresh rate) into DisMon.exe that will change monitor's refresh rate! And the parameter -x don't seem to work without running a software. Please let -x save the setting without need to run any software!

    Unless… if you know how to get both DisMon.exe and ResSwitch.exe to do the job at the same time, please let me know!

    Thanks a lot

    Sorry for my bad English if any.

  • Ikana

    Ikana - 2012-11-14

    Apparently DisMon.exe likes to be the last program to run before cmd closes, even without running any software after it.

    I think you can ignore my old requests!

    My new request is that parameters should be fulfilled at the end of current command line.

  • Ikana

    Ikana - 2012-11-14

    Idk why but DisMon.exe seemed to be doing ok when ResSwitch.exe wasn't somewhere in next command lines but something else.

  • Gerald Evans

    Gerald Evans - 2012-11-18

    Unless something has gone wrong with the formatting, your third and fourth batch files won't work as everything is on the same line, so only DisMon would be run in the batch file.

    If you run the commands in the first or second script by typing them directly at the command prompt, do you get the expected results?

    If so, then perhaps the problem is that when DisMon tells Windows to switch the primary screen, Windows takes a bit of time to do this, and when ResSwitch starts, perhaps the primary screen is still in the process of being switched which then causes problems for ResSwitch.  If this is the case, then a solution would be to add a delay between the 2 commands in the batch file.


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