portable usage of SwapScreen

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello guys,
    It's a great little piece of software you are working on, thanks a lot.
    Currently I only use SwapScreen. It runs fine from the USB stick on which I carry it with me to use it on different computers. It would be even easier to use if I could also carry my user settings around on the stick. My proposal:  if the file user.config can be found in the same directory as SwapScreen.exe, use the settings from this file, otherwise use user.config from "Documents and Settings" as it is the case today. Hope this can be implemented.Thank you in advance.

  • AnniePerson

    AnniePerson - 2010-11-10

    just created an account to monitor this proposal

  • Gerald Evans

    Gerald Evans - 2010-11-12

    This is trickier to implement than you would expect due to the way settings work under .NET.  However I can see how to do it, so I will give it a go.  If I don't hit any obstacles, then it should get incorporated into the next release.

  • AnniePerson

    AnniePerson - 2010-11-13

    It would be really great if SwapScreen would be fully portable, thanks. Any other possibility to inform SwapScreen that it shall not write to HD or registry would also be fine. Copying the config file to the application directory was just a proposal that I know from other apps with a portable mode.

  • AnniePerson

    AnniePerson - 2010-11-20

    Really great, thank you so much.


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