#32 Add options for display location of alt-tab icons.

Uncle Roger

When a user presses alt-tab and holds down the alt key, a small panel is displayed in the center of the screen showing icons for all running programs and allowing the user to press the tab key (while still holding down the alt key) to get to a desired program.

DualMonitor Taskbar very cleverly positions the alt-tab panel on the monitor where the mouse cursor is currently located. (At least, I think it's DMTB.)

What would be awesome would be to be able to choose where that panel shows up. The choices could be:

  • On the monitor with the mouse cursor
  • On the monitor with the program that currently has focus
    (or on the primary monitor if the pgm spans two monitors?)
  • Always on the primary monitor
  • On both monitors, simultaneously (mirrored)

I think I would likely go with the last option, were it available. Failing that, I think I like the idea of having it show up on the screen with the current program I'm using -- because that's probably where I'm looking. And if that's not possible, I think having it show up at the same place would work. I don't always know where the mouse cursor is -- as a programmer, I'm usually typing or using keyboard shortcuts.


  • Cristi Diaconu

    Cristi Diaconu - 2012-09-27

    Very good idea, thanks. I doubt I can implement the last option though... I would probably need to recreate the window manually and it's hard to make it look 100% alike.

  • Anonymous - 2013-08-27
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  • Anonymous - 2014-04-02
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