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  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2013-01-25

    The open source Classic Shell supports multi-monitor Start Button+Start Menu on Windows 8. But Windows 8 is a terrible OS. Can Dual Monitor Taskbar integrate with the Classic Shell Start Button on Windows 7? Also, the window manager lacks a very important function - the ability to move ALL windows that newly open to the monitor where the mouse is. E.g. If mouse is on monitor 2 and I press Win+R to bring up Run dialog, it should move the Run dialog automatically to monitor 2. I can't create a rule to always automatically move all newly created windows to move to the monitor with mouse pointer. This will be awesome to have.

    Another feature request is dragging up the taskbar button should show a jumplist (like Windows 7 does in addition to right click). Lastly, if the window menu (context menu with Close, Minimize, Restore, Move etc) can be shown when Shift+right clicking the taskbar button of a running app, would be awesome too.

    Last edit: xpclient 2013-01-25
  • Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson - 2013-02-18

    I just installed the app and love it already, but have two features that i would like to see.
    1. The nth toolbars shows a lighter transparency than the main toolbar could this be adjusted along with the font?
    2. I would like to see the quick launch icons on the nth toolbars similar to the main.

    Last edit: Michael Jackson 2013-02-18
  • cuulblu

    cuulblu - 2013-03-22

    I just installed this on a windows 7 machine at work. It's a great project that is very helpful. It could use a few more features though.

    When clicking the start button on the second monitor it would be nice if the menu     opened on the second monitor.
    It would be helpful if all programs pinned to the task bar are pinned to the the second monitor also.
  • Saito

    Saito - 2013-03-25

    Just started using is at work (2x 23inch 1080p) and it works like a charm!

    My suggestion:

    Add an option that let the icons start on the right side of the screen apposed to on the left. That would save so much mouse travel.

  • fujibob

    fujibob - 2013-03-29

    I use VMware at work with two monitors and Dual Monitor works great. I've noticed that when I log out of VM, the VM client software will resize and do all kinds of funky things. When VM does this, I believe that the Dual Monitor apps sees this as the user taking a monitor away and so the Dual Monitor app thinks that it is not needed and kills itself.

    Then, the next time I log back into VM I have to launch the Dual Monitor app again.

    Could you either make it a setting or maybe even just change the logic to let the Dual Monitor app just "hide" itself if the 2nd monitor goes away and then reappear when the 2nd monitor comes back?

    This would be a huge help.

  • Ben Marolt

    Ben Marolt - 2013-10-27

    This is a great! It's so much easier to work with multiple apps in multiple windows using dual monitor taskbar than without.

    Most of my program windows show their icon on the second taskbar when opened on the second monitor, but it would be even greater if able to show the icons for all windows opened on the second monitor to show on the second monitor taskbar. Could you find a way to allow "Administrator Privileged" applications to be pinned to the second monitor taskbar?

    It appears that applications set to "Run as an administrator" in the Compatibility tab of their application properties can't be pinned to the second monitor task bar, and the taskbar icon for the application stays stuck on the first monitor taskbar even when the window is displayed on the second monitor. The same application when run without administrator privileges displays in the second taskbar when pinned there or the window is opened on the second monitor. I've only tested this in Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with Service Pack 1, but I suspect the same is probably true other flavors of Windows as well.

    Note: running Dual Monitor as an administrator does allow these windows' icons to appear on the second taskbar, but still doesn't allow the application to be pinned to the second taskbar.

    This is related to what cuulblu mentioned, but I'm not specifically looking to have the same applications automatically pinned to both taskbars. (Although cuulblu's suggestion could be a nice variant on "Mirror Mode", such as "Mirror Pinned Apps". The "Mirror Mode" doesn't seem to mirror pinned applications, only the icons for open windows.)

    Last edit: Ben Marolt 2013-10-27
  • NSoul

    NSoul - 2014-03-02

    It's a great idea but the missing function shift+right click on an application in the bar makes it kind of useless for me. I would need the shift+right click to move windows from monitors i can't see in specific moments. Or is there a better way to move windows from monitor to monitor if i can't see the window in the first place ? I use windows 7 but not aero.


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