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This project is no longer maintained

DTF was built to test complicated distributed systems and it performed well. It's now years since I needed it and it's just not in a state that's downloadable and directly usable; you really need to know how it works. That was great for me and the team I worked with - we all knew it and were able to go all out. Unfortunately I'm not in an environment that requires this anymore and I just don't have the time to update and/or maintain it.... read more

Posted by Glen Lewis 2007-06-22

03-19-03 Session tagging added, db update needed

I've added a session tagging feature which will allow multiple test sessions to be considered together as far as reporting is concerned.

The command line option is -tag-session <tag> where <tag> is any alpha stuff up to 50 characters (no spaces).

The database schema must be updated to version 3 in order for this to work.

It is documented in the dtf.sxw file.

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-03-19

03-18-03 New controller, merged extension

The new controller is now in place. This provides two significant improvements and several minor ones. The significant ones include the ability to create and submit a manual test plan instead of using DTFrameworks automatic one, and the ability to define cross-node dependencies.l

With these improvements the reason for having generalized test extensions (jdbc, jldap, html, etc) in different modules have disappeared. I have merged all extensions back in the the dtframework module. The only cvs modules you should be using now are dtframework, dtframework-sample and dtrframework-testdtf.... read more

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-03-19

03-11-03 Created JDBC extension

This has only one test in it so far. Basically it just tests connectivity to whatever JDBC database you have. The PostgreSQL driver is included. Additional databases can be tested by simply dropping in the driver jar file (instruction in the readme) and putting data rows into the CSV. Enjoy!

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-03-11

3-6-03 Added new data to report context, new report

By request I've added a time-based collection to the Velocity context for reporting, and I've created (well, copied and pasted :-) a new report that shows all tests sorted only by the test case start time.

No significant changes, just PostProcessor.java. No changes to extensions needed. Just grab the latest source for the dtframework module, run "ant deploy" and you should be good to go.... read more

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-03-06

3-5-03 Class structure changes

I've added some classes and moved some functionality to prepare for the new controller and cross-node dependencies, in addition to the submission of manual test schedules.

The changes should not affect any existing tests, schedules, etc. Everything was inside the core stuff and no currently used interfaces were modified.

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-03-05

2-28-03 Node table column obsolete

I've obsoleted the "os" column in the node table. Instead of putting stuff here that was delimited with a colon (i.e. "linux:redhat:8.0") use the attributes column and insert "os_type=linux,os_distribution=redhat,os_version=8.0" instead.

The documentation (DTF.sxw in the docs directory of the dtframework module) contains detail on the column and recommended attribute names (the sames ones in the sample above).

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-02-28

2-27-03 Database schema change

I've modified the application and database schema and a schema update is required if you use the latest version of the code (after 2/27/03 about 12:30 am).

In the sql_scripts directory of the dtframework project, you'll find update_db_to_ver_2.sql. If you have an existing database with data you don't want to lose, you'll need to run this. You can do so with these steps:

1. Copy the update_db_to_ver_2.sql file to where the postgres user can access it.
2. su postgres
3. /usr/local/pgsql/bin/psql -f update_db_to_ver -d dtframework... read more

Posted by Glen Lewis 2003-02-27

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