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2010-09-23 CVS commit and 0.9.4 release, smbolton

* Don't link against alsa-lib (or libdssialsacompat): all we need
    are the ALSA headers.
* In recent glibc, thread-specific locale functions now need
    '#define _XOPEN_SOURCE 700'.

2010-09-20 CVS commit and 0.9.3 release, smbolton

* Updated about_bitmap.xbm for 2010.
* Fixed spurious flags on LADSPA_HINT_TOGGLED ports.
* Cleaned up exported symbols.

2010-06-29 CVS commit smbolton

* GUI knobs now use cairo when available.
* Fixed patch handling to more gracefully deal with locales: accept
    both native and "C" locales, but emit only "C" (thanks to Martin
    Tarenskeen for the bug report.)

2009-01-01 version 0.9.2

* Added '-test' option to allow testing the GUI without a host.
* Silently ignore 'sample-rate' method.
* Fixed GtkSpinButton adjustments to avoid page_size warning with
    GTK+ >=2.14. 
* gcc 4.3 character signedness fixes.
* Changes to build files to support Mac OS X and newer gcc/glibc on
* RPM bindir fix in src/Makefile.am.
* Fixed memory leak in src/gui_main.c osc_build_path().
* gcc 2.9x '-finline-limit=5000' fix in configure.in.
* gcc 2.9x '##' preprocessing fix in src/xsynth_voice_blosc.h.

2004-12-25 version 0.9.0

* abandoned version 0.1.x compatibility.
* the patch bank is now sent between GUI and plugin as configure
    information, rather than via a (sometimes temporary) file, which
    retains the intuitive operation of the UI while avoiding the
    synchronization, concurrency, and security issues of the old
    method.  The plugin and GUI will both warn if a host sends
    obsolete 'load' keys.
* changed port order so host-provided UIs will be better organized.
* MIDI CC 7 'volume' is no longer mapped to volume port, as this led
    to nasty interactions between patch changes and volume changes.
    CC7 is now handled internally by the plugin.
* MIDI CCs 5 'portamento time' and 8 'balance' are now mapped to
    their respective ports.
* lowered output level, so it's not so blazingly hot.
* implemented polyphonic glide.
* updated patch set, saved version 0.1.x set in

2004-12-25 version 0.1.3

* added anti-aliased, minBLEP-based oscillators.
* added Fons Adriaensen's MVCLPF-3 filter.
* added velocity sensitive envelopes.
* oscillators can now be pitched downward up to 2 octaves.
* tuning and pitch bend range controls added.
* extensive GUI reorganization, replaced sliders with linked knob
    and spin button, replaced waveform labels with pixmaps,
    defaults to use of GTK+ 2.x, but can still use GTK+ 1.2.
* documented voice architecture in README.
* implemented GUI OSC configure handling of 'monophonic',
    'polyphony', and project directory key.  'load' is still
* implemented plugin project directory support.
* build system now uses pkgconfig to locate dssi and liblo, plugin
    will be built without GUI if GTK+ is not found.
* 'About' dialog shows GUI and host OSC URLs.
* changed activate() to new behavior.
* plugin is now fully multi-thread safe.
* plugin includes patch bank name in load failure messages.
* liblo 0.12 or better now required (lo_server_set_nonblocking()
    hack removed.)

2004-07-16 version 0.1.0

* extended documentation.
* fixed duplicate free of synth->patches [Chris Cannam].
* fixed OSC MIDI handling (status byte in m[1], not m[0]).
* added support for new "user-friendly" instance identifier passed
    to UI as argv[4].
* temporary patch bank saves now go to ~/.xsynth-dssi/.
* fixed mis-interpolation bug (lrintf() rounds, not floors....)
* added 'exiting' method.

2004-05-22 initial alpha release ("v0.01")

* added more documentation.
* adapted to use automake/autoconf.  Requires automake 1.7+ for the
    'plugin' macros to build the xsynth-dssi.so correctly.
* cleaned up patch library, rebuilt friendly patches.
* header file reorganization.
* removed all references to channels or 'fluid' or 'fmu' anything.
* extended the maximum name length to 30.