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Before first release

- improve automake/autoconf setup (autoscan?), use pkgconfig for
    liblo, improve handling of dssi.h until such time as we can
    expect it to be installed somewhere.

- implement osc_configure_handler()

- add 'exiting' method

- add some documentation to the stuff in extra/, plus make sure the
    dump programs are using the current format.

- clean up all '!FIX!'es

- complete documention

Needs to be done

- GUI: fix blinking of Patches clist when patch edit widgets are

- render: replace oscillator code with band-limited oscillators, and
    if a BL hard-sync implementation can't be found, try slew
    limiting the sync'd oscillator to at least reduce aliasing

- plugin: add mutexes on configure + event handlers in xsynth-dssi.c,

- GUI: add patch import (just set values, select Patch Edit tab)

Wish list

? GUI: should Patch Edit Save Changes select the program number of
    the saved-to patch?

- render: fix resonance limiting so it doesn't blork at zero with
    high cutoffs

- GUI Patch Edit: show high precision representation of slider value
    in status bar.

- render: move envelope conditionals outside inner loop; implement
    ramping of modulators (pitch bend, mod wheel, pressure, ...)

- all: make modwheel->cutoff and pressure->resonance modulations

? interaction between MIDI volume controller and volume saved in
    patch on program change is not pleasant

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