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20120324 CVS smbolton
 * Bug fix to fsd_cleanup() from Rui Nuno Capela, allowing eventual
     reinstantiation of FluidSynth (sf.net Tracker ID 1990241).
 * Patch from Albert Graef to pass sysex messages on to FluidSynth,
     allowing the use of MIDI Tuning Standard.
 * Fixed plugin to use reentrant strtok_r().

20090104 FluidSynth-DSSI v1.0.0 release
 * Version bump to 1.0.0.

20081214 CVS smbolton
 * Version bump to
 * Bug fix from James McDermott for the broken-nwrite_float
     code in fluidsynth-dssi.c when used with unusual sample
 * Removed the FluidSynth source patches in extra/, removed
     references to the patches in README, and reworked configure.ac
     to simply check that the FluidSynth version is >=1.0.6 before
 * Added '-test' option to FluidSynth-DSSI_gtk.c to allow testing
     the GUI without a host.
 * Fixed to use gcc/glibc 'constructor' and 'destructor' attributes
    instead of the deprecated _init() and _fini() functions (needed
    for OS X 10.4 'Tiger').
 * Added code in FluidSynth-DSSI_gtk.c to silently ignore the
    'sample-rate' method.

20050608 CVS smbolton
 * Version bump to
 * Updated code, patch, and docs to match Josh Green's FluidSynth
     CVS commit of 20050607.

20050530 FluidSynth-DSSI v0.9.1 release
 * Symlink fluidsynth-dssi to jack-dssi-host, if it exists.

20050510 CVS smbolton
 * Version bump to 0.9.1.
 * Moved FluidSynth-DSSI into its own SourceForge CVS module.
 * configure.ac improvements.

20050424 v0.9.1alpha2 smbolton
 * Changed to an API-conforming but less efficient implementation
     in the plugin using fluid_synth_nwrite_float().
 * Bundled the soundfont metadata loading code necessary to make
     the GUI independent of libfluidsynth.
 * Added automake/autoconf build system.

 * Implemented global polyphony setting.
 * GUI resizing fix.
 * Optionally use GTK+ v2.x (edit Makefile).

 * Updated for DSSI v0.9: implemented project directory.
 * Updated for liblo v0.12: removed non-blocking hack.
 * Implemented loading soundfont from SF2_PATH in GUI.
 * Implemented gain setting in GUI.
 * Better inter-thread cooperation: fsd_configure() now avoids
     grabbing the mutex on 'load' calls when the soundfont is
     already loaded, and fsd_select_program() checks for valid
     programs before grabbing mutex, and saves the program change
     if it can't get the lock.
 * GUI now waits to send OSC update request from inside gtk_main()

20040715 DSSI v0.4 release
 * Added minimal GTK+ GUI.
 * Require DSSI v0.4.
 * Incorporated into DSSI as example code.
 * GUI: raise on 'show' if already visible.
 * Makefile: added install, use of liblo pkgconfig, use of correct
     FluidSynth includes.

20040623 v0.0.2
 * Added support for per-instance soundfont selection.
 * Changed from rendering directly into the output buffers, to
     always rendering into 16-byte aligned temporary buffers then
     copying to the output, in case libfluidsynth.* was compiled
     with SSE support.
 * Added mutex protection of fluidsynth structures between audio and
     control threads.