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   it much easier to use.  (Of course these windows are synchronised --
   as you edit values in one, the other updates itself as well.)</p>
-  <p>Finally, here's a handful of plugins being hosted by Rosegarden,
+  <p>Here's a handful of plugins being hosted by Rosegarden,
   including one Xsynth, one Fluidsynth plugin (with the Vintage Dreams
   Waves soundfont loaded), and a freeware VST plugin (Cheeze Machine)
   using the dssi-vst wrapper:</p>
   <div align="center"><a href="plong.png"><img src="plongth.png" border="0"/></a></div>
+  <p>This is Om hosting ll-scope:</p>
+  <div align="center"><a href="ss-om_scope.png"><img src="ss-om_scope-th.png" border="0"/></a></div>
+  <p>And finally, ghostess hosting instances of WhySynth, Sineshaper,
+      and xy-controller-dssi (the last being just for show, since Om
+      is currently the only host which can do anything useful with
+      xy-controller-dssi's control outputs.)</p>
+  <div align="center"><a href="ss-wh_xy_ss.png"><img src="ss-wh_xy_ss-th.png" border="0"/></a></div>
   <div align=right><small>Page hosted by <br><a href="http://sourceforge.net/"><img src="http://sourceforge.net/sflogo.php?group_id=104230&type=1" border="0" alt="SourceForge.net Logo"/></a></small></div>