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+  <p>2009/1/4: <a
+  href="http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=104230&amp;package_id=134428">
+  hexter version 0.6.2</a> released!  Release 0.6.2 is a maintenance
+  release, which adds no significant synthesis features, but updates
+  the code for more recent GTK+, adds better patch loading to
+  tx_edit.c, and handles the new DSSI 'sample-rate' OSC method (by
+  silently ignoring it.)</p>
   <p>2007/4/11: <a
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   <p>2004/11/16: Some recordings comparing hexter and a real TX7 are
-  available <a href="http://www.smbolton.com/linux.html">here.</a>
+  available <a href="http://smbolton.com/linux.html">here.</a>
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   accuracy than any previous open-source emulation (that the author
   is aware of....)</p>
-  <p>hexter operates as a plugin for the Disposable Soft Synth
-  Interface (DSSI).  DSSI is a plugin API for software instruments
+  <p>hexter operates as a plugin for the DSSI Soft Synth
+  Interface.  DSSI is a plugin API for software instruments
   (soft synths) with user interfaces, permitting them to be hosted
   in-process by audio applications.  More information on DSSI can
   be found on the <a href="index.html">DSSI main page</a>.
-  <p>hexter is written by Sean Bolton, and copyright (c)2007 under the
+  <p>hexter is written by Sean Bolton, and copyright (c) 2009 under the
   GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. While this
   software is 'free' within the requirements of that license, I
   (Sean) would appreciate any or all of the following should you
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     <li> <a href="download.html">DSSI</a> version 0.4 or greater.
-    <li> <a href="http://plugin.org.uk/liblo/">liblo</a> version
+    <li> <a href="http://liblo.sourceforge.net/">liblo</a> version
         0.12 or greater (0.23 or greater recommended), a library
         implementing the Open Sound Control protocol.
     <li> <a href="http://www.freedesktop.org/software/pkgconfig/">
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         headers (DSSI plugins use ALSA structures, but not
         the actual drivers, so you don't necessarily need the
         drivers installed.)  Users of non-ALSA systems may use
-        <a href="http://www.smbolton.com/linux.html">libdssialsacompat</a>.
+        <a href="http://smbolton.com/linux.html">libdssialsacompat</a>.
     <li> a working DSSI host.  hexter has been tested with the
         jack-dssi-host available in <a href="download.html">the DSSI
-        distribution</a>, and with <a href="http://www.smbolton.com/linux.html">
+        distribution</a>, and with <a href="http://smbolton.com/linux.html">