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+  <head>
+    <title>DSSI screenshots</title>
+    <link rel="stylesheet" href="screen.css" media="screen">
+  </head>
+  <body>
+  <h1>DSSI screenshots</h1>
+  <p id="nav">
+  <a href="index.html">about</a>
+  &ndash;
+  <a href="RFC.html">specification</a>
+  &ndash;
+  <a href="why-use.html">why use DSSI?</a>
+  &ndash;
+  <a href="screenshots.html">screenshots</a>
+  &ndash;
+  <a href="lists.html">mailing list</a>
+  &ndash;
+  <a href="download.html">download</a>
+  </p>
+  <p>DSSI is a programming API, not an application, so screenshots are
+  of limited use.  But here are a few shots of some of the existing
+  plugins, so as to give an impression of what it's all for.</p>
+  <p>Here are four of the plugins available from the DSSI download
+  page.  This screenshot shows the native GUIs supplied with the
+  plugins, running in the DSSI reference host.</p>
+  <div align="center"><a href="plof.png"><img src="plofth.png" border="0"/></a></div>
+  <p>The plugins shown are (left to right) Xsynth, the hexter DX7
+  modeling plugin, and (above and below) the simple stereo sampler and
+  polyphonic synth included in the DSSI examples, together with a
+  qjackctl window showing their audio output connections.  To run the
+  host with this set of plugins, I
+  typed:</p><blockquote><code>jack-dssi-host xsynth-dssi.so
+  trivial_sampler.so:stereo_sampler hexter.so
+  less_trivial_synth.so</code></blockquote>
+  <p>As you see, the existing plugins have fairly boring GUIs (they
+  were written by boring programmers, after all), but even so, any
+  dedicated GUI is usually easier to use for a complex plugin than the
+  generic plugin GUIs found in LADSPA host applications.  For example,
+  here is an Xsynth plugin hosted in Rosegarden, showing the
+  Rosegarden plugin GUI on the left and the Xsynth native GUI on the
+  right:</p>
+  <div align="center"><a href="plu.png"><img src="pluth.png" border="0"/></a></div>
+  <p>Rosegarden has the tastier widgets, but the simple fact that the
+  plugin's own GUI knows the proper organisation for its widgets makes
+  it much easier to use.  (Of course these windows are synchronised --
+  as you edit values in one, the other updates itself as well.)</p>
+  <p>Finally, here's a handful of plugins being hosted by Rosegarden,
+  including one Xsynth, one Fluidsynth plugin (with the Vintage Dreams
+  Waves soundfont loaded), and a freeware VST plugin (Cheeze Machine)
+  using the dssi-vst wrapper:</p>
+  <div align="center"><a href="plong.png"><img src="plongth.png" border="0"/></a></div>
+  <div align=right><small>Page hosted by <br><a href="http://sourceforge.net/"><img src="http://sourceforge.net/sflogo.php?group_id=104230&type=1" border="0" alt="SourceForge.net Logo"/></a></small></div>
+  </body>

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