DSPAM-3.9.0-BETA4 Released

The DSPAM team is happy to announce another beta release!

The source tarball can be downloaded from the downloads section at SourceForge [1].

If you are running any of the older BETA or ALPHA releases then you can just upgrade to BETA 4. There are no compatibility issues compared to older ALPHA or older BETA releases. Users using DSPAM 3.8.0 or older can upgrade to DSPAM 3.9.0 BETA 4 by following the steps mentioned in the UPGRADING file.

A detailed change log is available inside the tarball. Most changes are bug fixes, stability enhancements or enhancements to the documentation. New in BETA 4 is "osb" for PValue. Should you use OSB as tokenizer then you can switch your current PValue to "osb" without loosing any tokens or scarifying compatibility. "osb" for PValue introduces weighted probability values for the OSB tokenizer and should speedup learning and increase accuracy. Give it a try and let us know how well or bad "osb" for PValue performed on your setup.

We would appreciate if packagers/ports maintainers could package this release so as many people as possible can try this release on their systems without too much effort. If you made a package of this release, then please email us a link to your web space so that we can compile a list of operating systems with packages available on our website.

Our mailing lists and the bug tracker are happy to help you out if you run into some problems.

For future BETA releases we are going to be even more stricter about new features. We try to stabilize DSPAM 3.9.0 and not to overload it with new functions. Releases after DSPAM 3.9.0 will sure include new features but for 3.9.0 we try to keep the amount of new features to an absolute minimum. So if you have submitted in the past any patches introducing new features to 3.9.0 then please allow us first to release the final 3.9.0 release before introducing new features. This should however not hold you back from sending us your patches/enhancements. We will keep the patches and apply them after 3.9.0.

The DSPAM Team

[1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/dspam/files/dspam/dspam-3.9.0-BETA4/

Posted by Stevan Bajic 2009-11-01

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