Hello  everyone,

After doing some testing in my Production system :-( i found something intresting.

I Use now OSB again, TOE, and the other standards together with Mysql, imple,mented by amavisd - Zimbra setup

So now if i use latest git Version i get Results like:

X-DSPAM-Result: Spam
X-DSPAM-Processed: Fri Jun 28 04:14:52 2013
X-DSPAM-Confidence: 0.9076
X-DSPAM-Probability: 1.0000
X-DSPAM-Signature: 51ccf19c82621724820715

Which seems odd, i send the same test message from gmail over and over again.
reclassify it retrain it - training give PASS, still next time same thing again
X-DSPAM-Result: Says spam, probability always 1.0000

Then i testet 3.9.0 - because iam using this on zimbra 3.9.0 is the default installation (i jsut symlinked the git version so i can switch quickly)

The difference was massive out of the box
without retrain the last message i got

X-DSPAM-Result: Innocent X-DSPAM-Processed: Fri Jun 28 04:30:03 2013 X-DSPAM-Confidence: 1.0000 X-DSPAM-Probability: 0.0023 X-DSPAM-Signature: 51ccf52b148228935421196

Same Message same Sender just about 30 seconds later after switched dspam Version.
only difference was dspam 3.9.0 instead of git.

Well i dont say of course this is a better result, i just say its looks more like what ife expected after retrain it 20 times as innocent.

Of course i checked if iam using the right database (dspam stats and so show me the right stats, because i switched to mysql theres no hashfiel anywhere so i think both version should really work with the same database)

also as a side note, there was almost no difference with feature tb - off and tb=9 in the git version

btw why is it marked as spam anyway with a confidence of 0.9 it should be
my guess its because of probability is always 1.00000 , maybe something off there

So after some Digging in the History i see something about changed calculation in OSB and markov weighting - well exactly waht iam using
and yes there is a changed calculation method -
i just think it cant be right - even it comes from steeeeveeee - still hate to say but could it be that this patch is a little buggy ?