#159 Encoded headers

webui (31)

This is the same as bug ID 3137120 (postponed and now closed), just updated for v.3.10.
I've added iconv check in configure.ac and re-encoding is now conditional - depends on iconv availability.

For autoconf stuff m4/iconv.m4 should be copied from glibc or gettext.

Just in case description from closed bug:

There are several problems (though minor) with emails with encoded headers:
- dspam only decodes headers in Base64 or QuotedPrintable, but ignores encoding, thus writes
data into logs in different charsets

- webui completely ignores encoded headers in Quarantine view and outputs whatever was written
into logs in History view.

Thus, for countries with many charsets (eg. Russia) its very difficult to view either Quarantine or History views - most Subjects and "From" lines are unreadable.

Attached patches convert everything into utf-8, thus solving this problems.


  • Tom Hendrikx

    Tom Hendrikx - 2012-12-28

    I tested this and it does seem to work when iconv is available. However I still have several issues:
    - automake complains about missing config.rpath file. I ran into this when trying to add iconv.m4 myself, but there seems to be no solution on google for that, only questions, and workarounds (e.g. create an empty file).
    - The iconv.m4 from gettext does not allow to disable iconv when it is installed.

    The second issue also means that I currently have no way to test if dspam still works without using iconv.


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