we're currently initiating a small research exercise, where we try to analyse & compare number of repository visitors versus number of items, full-text, ... in the repository.

Questions to figure out include:

- Are more visits being generated when items contain full-text bitstreams, comparing to items without bitstreams
- How do distributions between hits generated through search engines, referring sites and direct traffic relate to eachother, for different repositories.
- How big is the impact of the dominant language, used in a repository & in item metadata on the number of visitors

To make sure that "number of visitors" and other figures, are comparable, we are looking for repositories that have (at least) six months of google analytics data (where the analytics script was included in the dspace footer, so that each pageview, or hit has been recorded), that are willing to share some key figures.

Our ambition is to detect possible correlations or anomalies. It would be great if a general conclusion could arise that a number of X items in your repository (in english) tend to generate a number of X monthly visits through search engines, but this might be a bit far-fetched (although a current comparison with 3 repositories already looks promising).

Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated. Especially if you know of research that has already done this ;)

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