Hi Mark,

I entirely support MacKenzie on this.  There are many subscribers to dspace-general (myself included) whose interest is in the less technical aspects of DSpace's use and development.  I also scan dspace-tech - and dspace-devel - to improve my awareness of what's going on, but the stuff that's really relevant to me is almost invariably in dspace-general.  Merging two strands in a single list would, I suspect, annoy more people than it would help.

Perhaps an occasional (quarterly?) reminder to each list from the listowner reiterating its role would be helpful in channelling messages to the correct list.


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Hi Mark,

It's true that folks often mistake dspace-general for a technical
discussion list and
have to be re-routed, but the purpose of dspace-general hasn't changed,
nor is it
superceded by the other listsl. It was created to discuss "non-technical
of building and running a DSpace service" such as governance, policies,
new features, relevant regulations or laws, and so on. MIT and other
rely on it as a forum for general announcements about the platform and
its uses.

FYI, dspace-general has 946 subscribers while dspace-tech has 818, and they
don't overlap that much. I think we need to keep dspace-general for now,
live with the fact that a lot of the traffic should have gone to
if it gets too annoying to the subscribers I'm sure they'll let us know :)


> Hello,
> We really should consider routing all traffic from this list to 
> dspace-tech and shutting it down. All current discussions about 
> DSpace should probibly be centralized under the same archiving/
> mailman service that resides under the umbrella of the new 
> Organization. This probably would more appropriately be the 
> Sourceforge mail list system. This list could be easily merged into 
> dspace-tech without impacting much as neither lists have heavy activity.
> -Mark
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