Hi Ricardo

El 25/08/2013 22:43, rdiascampos@uol.com.br escribió:
Sort of introductory questions (hope this is appopriate in this list).
I know I can change the set of metadata used in a collection but I can't find a place where I can change the metadata for the collection, itself. Is it possible? How?

Do you mean insert new fields ? That is not possible from the UI. You have to modify the community and collection tables of  database and the classes handling them

I've just installed DSpace binary version 3.2.
The same questions about comunities.
And also: is it possible to change the steps users have to pass in order to submit an item?

Yes, you can edit  item-submission.xml  to do that  The dile contains a good description of the needed changes

Best luck
Emilio Lorenzo


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