#19 flash card reader issue (VDI 1.4)


First of all thank you for the program. I love it because it simplifies my life and looks my Win XP looks better.

I noticed one bug - I use two HDDs (divided into several partitions) and everything is correct with them. I also use a HP Flash Card Reader (internal USB reader, but NOT connected directly to the mobo ports. HP provides a separate controller connected to a PCI, with two additional USB connectors). The problem is that if no card is inserted Vista Drive Icon bars are always half full (or if you prefer - half empty). Should be blank bars. All the values are shown correctly when the card is inserted.

PS I use Windows XP Home Edition SP3 (slipstreamed) PL (Polish). Vista Drive Icon v.1.4.


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    Oh, I noticed one more bug, also by coincidence. I repartitioned my HDDs and I noticed that Vista Drive Icon shows the flash drive bars simultaneously with the most used partition. In other words if I have a partition which is 90% full (the rest can be almost empty) the bars will show that the flash drive is also 90% (all of them).

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    I have the same exact problem.

  • I had the same problem. It was solved by installing AnVir Task Manager Free. When you start ATMF the icons will work properly - Vista Drive Icon seem to be a part of the program and the part is vastly improved. If would be great if the changes would be implemneted in the standalobe version of VDI.

  • Same problem.

    The Card Reader drives displays the same space as my last HDD.

  • Found a possible workaround for this. I use customized icons for my card reader drives but my settings were constantly being replaced by DrvIcon. Anyway, to overcome the problem I gave myself full copied the inherited permissions to the relevant registry keys in the following key:

    I then deleted all users from permissions except administrators.

    Then I opened the subkey of the drive(s) in question and deleted the DefaultIcon key. As soon as i did that, I quickly removed administrators from the drive and as a result, no application or Windows itself is able to write any data to that key.

    I was then able to reset my custom icons by using the following key:

    Hope that helps...if you're not familiar with using the registry, be sure to take backups before editing or deleting keys.