Drumstick 0.4.1 released

Drumstick is a C++ wrapper around the ALSA library sequencer interface using Qt4 objects, idioms and style. ALSA sequencer provides software support for MIDI technology on Linux. Complementary classes for SMF and WRK file processing are also included. This library is used in KMetronome, KMidimon and KMid2, and was formerly known as "aseqmm".

* Removed the precompiled headers build option.
* Fixed a bug that affected users running dumstick-based applications with realtime priority enabled. There is a related problem in glib-2.22 that has not yet been fixed (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=599079).
This issue prevented to execute FluidSynth from inside KMid at startup in those affected systems.

Copyright (C) 2009-2010, Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
License: GPL v2 or later

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Posted by Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas 2010-07-13

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