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Druid 3.11 released

Hi all,

I finally managed to make a new release! Most improvements regards the ER/JDBC modules. Some bugs have been fixed.


Posted by Andrea Carboni 2010-11-14

Druid 3.10 released

Hi all,

after almost 2 years I managed to make another release. It contains only some minor improvements to the DDF import/export and a nasty jdbc bug fixed (thanks to Paul J. Morris).


Posted by Andrea Carboni 2009-10-17

Druid 3.9 released

Hi all,

after 2 years a new release has born! As many of you already now, Druid now is not under active development so for this release we have to thank
Mark Heinze and Ruslan A. Bondar. I also had the chance to fix small things all around. Here is the list of new things:

- JAVA JDO: Do not need to declare and import for classes in the same package
- JAVA JDO: Put in flag to convert '_' to CamelCase names in Java conversion
- Added possibility to specify the SQL terminator.
- Support for different sql dialects in SQL editor highlighting... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2008-01-03

Druid 3.8

Hi All,

here is another small maintenance release. This is what is new:

- Oracle sql gen: added possibility to specify a tablespace for primary keys.

- Postgres sql gen: added possibility to override the table inheritance with
plain text (usefull to include schemas from another db).

- Now jdbc passwords are scrambled with a simple algorithm.

- Added tablespaces support to postgres.

- Added more connection strings to the jdbc connection panel. Named
strings to be more intuitive.... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2006-02-12

Druid 3.7 released

Hi All.

this new release has been made only by adding all patches I received.
There are many small enhancements and bugs fixed.


Posted by Andrea Carboni 2005-12-29

Druid 3.6 and roadmap

Hi to all,

after one year I have managed to bring a new release. This is mainly a bug fix release with some little news (see the changes section on the home page for more details). I'm sorry for not having added all patches but I don't have time to follow druid now.

This consideration lets me introduce a new choice I have made that is related to the roadmap. I have already started to code
druid 4 but this task will require a *lot* of work due to the features I want to add, like:... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2005-05-22

Druid 3.5

Hi All.

After 6 months another release is finally out. This time there are only small enhancements due to our lack of time and some bugs fixed. The complete list of changes can be found on the druid's home page or in the docs/changes.pdf file.

Future druid releases will be focused only at bug fixing and module enhancements and they will belong to the 3.X branch. This will give me some time to code druid 4.... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2004-07-05

Druid 3.4 for Gentoo

Hi all,

I have added a new tar.bz2 for druid 3.4. This is mainly used by the Gentoo linux distribution ebuild process. The ebuild will be added to the portage tree ASAP.


Posted by Andrea Carboni 2004-04-18

Druid 3.4 and DLib 1.5

Hi All.

Here is another druid release. This one (3.4) is mainly focused
toward DB designing and reverse engineering. Users should feel
a bit more comfortable with this release because some improvements
regard usability. Beyond the architectural changes, this is what
users will immediatly see:

- New account manager and powerfull url creator (JDBC)
- New supervisor thread to monitor memory, serials etc...
- More options into the "Options" dialog
- New E/R print preview (very useful when choosing the print scale)
- Improved reverse engineering via JDBC (retrieved source sql code)
- New sql adapters for postgres, oracle, hsqldb
- New import and generation modules for torque
- New generation module for hibernate (half finished)
- Castor generation module totally rewritten and improved
- Used crimson for xml loading. Load speed has increased
- More docs... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2004-01-12

New mailing list

I have created a new mailing list for user discussions:



Posted by Andrea Carboni 2003-11-20

Druid 3.2 and dlib 1.4

Hi All.

This new druid release is finally out. Many developers have worked
hard on it. Some improvements are (but there are many more):

- Improved sql generation architecture:
now it is possible to specify names for constraints and indexes

- Added sql generation modules for:
oracle, postgres, hsqldb, mckoi

- Added field attribs usage and merging

- Improved Java JDO generation

- Added OJB generation module... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2003-10-16

Druid against software patents

I have decided to protest against software patents so I have changed the druid's home page.

I invite other developers to do the same

Andrea Carboni

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2003-08-25

Druid 3.0 final released

After a month of beta testing, the 3.0 release is finally out. This is mainly a bug fix release with only a few adds: a new PDF doc gen module and localization of the XHTML doc gen module (see changes in the files section). All the docs have been moved from HTML to PDF to be printed and have been revised and improved. Druid is a tool that helps the dba/developer to handle database tables. Users can add/modify/delete database objects (fields, tables, etc...) using a GUI. When the db structure is complete, druid can generate the sql-script and docs in various formats.

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2003-07-28

Druid 3.0 beta and DLib 1.3

Here it is.

This release has only a few but significant features:

- GUI to write docs (with formatting, images etc...)
- Sequences and notes into the db
- Powerfull sql diff module
- Rewritten html docs generation (fully customizable)
- Stronger velocity support
- Possibility to import databases from another druid project
- Improved look & feel with antialiasing
- Many bugs fixed.

(See the changes/notes in the download page for various issues)... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2003-06-05

Druid 3.0 INT and DruidLib 1.2

This release contains many improvements and will probably be the last one.
Now druid is position independent. Simply issue:

java -jar <path>/druid.jar

Note however that you need java 1.4


- One config file for each user
- Added jedit syntax highlighting package (for both code and sql)
- Added modules for various file formats (html, xml)
- Improved java module (added jdo support)
- Added velocity template engine (with docs) (thanks to Misko Hevery)
- Added triggers to tables
- Added comments to tables and fields
- Added castor module (with docs) (thanks to Misko Hevery)
- Added docs for issues with postgresql (thanks to Nuno Rodrigues)
- Improved sql generation module
- Many small improvements... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2002-10-19

Project Freeze

I'm sorry but I must freeze the druid project for at least one year. I have some business to do and I cannot spend more time on it. I hope to be able to release some minor enhancements in the future.

Andrea Carboni

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-12-16

Druid 3.0 PRE and DruidLib 1.0


Now I don't have so much time to code druid, so I decided to release what has been coded until now. The roadmap is:

- Druid 3.0 pre (this release)
- Druid 3.0 beta (release not scheduled)
Will include almost all things that are missing like
DBMS modules, datagen modules, a good xml file format
and more printing capabilities.
- Druid 3.0 final (release not scheduled)
Will include docs, bug fixings and other things.... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-12-04

Druid RPMs

Many thanks to Jim Meyer who has created the RPMs for druid 2.7.

Here are some notes from Jim:

- The main druid directory is installed as /usr/share/druid
- The docs directory is installed as /usr/share/doc/druid-{version}
- druid.bat is removed
- druid.sh is installed as /usr/bin/druid

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-11-03

Patch for PostgreSQL and MySql

David Croy made some fixings and improvements to the release 2.7 that let users use the jdbc access with postgresql and mysql.
Note that to use postgresql you must use the development driver supplied with this patch.


Here are the release notes from David:

* Various fixes to work with postgres and mysqlj dbc drivers.
* Added a Row field in the data query panel. This allows for setting the max rows for a query.
* If a table has more than four columns add Horizontal Scrollbars.
* Don't query the data from a table until the data tab is selected.
* Moved AbstractLang.java to druid.interface. Allows modules outside of the druid package and use it.
* Added the remarks column to the table structure.
* Added a mysql comment type.
* Added a mysql and postgres sql generator. The postgres one allows for adding the descriptions to the database.
* In the Options->Generation. Enable the options button if needed.
* Created and ant build file.
* Include a development version of the postgresql driver. (It works for me YMMV).

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-08-25

Druid 2.7 is out

This release closes the JDBC chapter and offers a new set of features and improvements:


- Now druid remembers the size of its window and reloads the last project
- Many improvements on datatypes (remapping, merging, usage)
- Added multiple foreign keys support
- Added more chapters to the druid's manual
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Minor improvements

JDBC features:

- Import of the jdbc db into druid
- Added the possibility to add-modify-delete a table's records
for all types of drivers (with updatable result-sets or not)
- Added a record editor to edit large data, view binary and blob types
- Added import/export facilities. It is now possible to export the records
of a table and to reimport them later (applies to a table or the entire DB).
- Minor improvements (better datatypes recognition, sorted entities, ...)... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-06-27


First, I would like to give credits to Guillaume Dflache who wrote the druid 1.0 to 2.5 converter. I tried many times but I can't add notes to a release (SF problems).

Second, Druid 2.7 is almost complete. The only lacking features are the table's data import / export facilities. You may be wondering why I named this release 2.7 instead of 2.6. Well, there are some other improvements (there is a powerful record editing facility) and a new plug-in architecture regarding data generation. Now users can write small java classes to generate data in the format they want / need. Maybe I will release this at the end of june (I don't know).... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-06-12

New Contrib package

I have added a "Contrib" package to contain stuff created by users. Feel free to send me your druid related stuff.

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-06-01

Pre releases in CVS

I have added the "pre" directory to the CVS where you can find development releases. Each release has its own dir which contains two files:

- druid.jar (must be copied on the old one)

- versions.txt (contains a list of changes)

Now, there is only the 2.5.x dir that contains the release from the 2.5 to the 2.6 release

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-05-31

Druid and PotgreSql

As told before, the PostgreSql JDBC driver doesn't work with Druid.

I was mailed by the authors of the driver because they are working to solve this problem so wait for the next driver release !!!

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-05-31

Druid 2.5 is out

This new release offers full jdbc access to an existing database.
You can view all database aspects (general info, tables, views,
synonyms, procedures, functions, schemas), perform queries,
edit table data, save results to a csv file.
You can also send your druid project to the jdbc db to rebuild
it "on the fly" and perform some basic operation on the jdbc db
(drop of objects, refresh)... read more

Posted by Andrea Carboni 2001-05-18

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