I just want to let the Druid developers (and other contributors) know that you have all been doing things right with regards to this project.  There has always been a very encouraging attitude in response to feature suggestions, bug reports, etc., and the following is one such example of this wonderful attitude:


In my experience, many open source projects seem to yield argumentative or "code it yourself" responses to suggestions from users, which usually discourages people from taking an active interest (they tend to look elsewhere for similar solutions).

Druid is one of those projects whose developers always seem to welcome suggestions, bug reports, and other contributions.  Even though some feature suggestions may not be integrated for a long period of time (due to time constraints from volunteer efforts, etc.), if ever, the attitude is correct because it means that I feel really good about recommending Druid to others.

So, thanks a lot for everything, and I will continue to recommend Druid not only because it's a very useful application, but also because everyone involved is a pleasure to deal with.

Sincerely, and with warmest regards,

Randolf Richardson - randolf@richardson.tw
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada