Oracle Trigger issue

  • Steve Michael

    Steve Michael - 2004-08-10

    Again, thanks for all the hard work.  But I have hit another small issue. 

    When I generate my Oracle DDL it works great until it hits a trigger.  It never puts a "/"  (without the quotes) at the end of the generated DDL.  So my trigger should end like
    create trigger xxx on yyyy for each row
      blah blah blah

    It does not put the / at the end so the DDL blows up when run.

    I have tried to manually put the / at the end but then it adds a ";" after it.  So that doesn't work either.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I am on Druid 3.5 build 38

    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2004-08-11

      Do you need a / after the ; ? Another user says that the ; is missing and I'm getting confused a bit.

      Maybe you have changed the terminating char from ; to / but in this case the normal CREATE TABLE statements should not work. Can you provide a more detailed explanation ?


      PS : the build refers to your project not to druid (that is, how many times you save it).

    • Steve Michael

      Steve Michael - 2004-08-11

      I have not changed any default setting in the program.  When I go to create a trigger it automatically puts in a begin and end statement.  That look like:

      I then delete out the ... and put in the following
      SELECT product_pk_seq.nextval INTO :new.product_id FROM dual;

      (the sequence is already there and works).

      I then generate the DDL and the DDL looks like:

      REM ----------------------------------------------------------------------

         FOR EACH ROW
      SELECT product_pk_seq.nextval INTO :new.product_id FROM dual;

      REM ======================================================================

      It should have a / after the END; So the last line of code that is not a remark should look like

      Now if I try and put a / in with the trigger the program seems to think it should always append a "';" after my last character so I get something like
      END /;

      I then tried to put a ";" after the end and my generated DDL looked like

      Again when a user tries to enter a new trigger it appears that the program will always add a ";" to the end of their statement.  This is ok, but if it does that, in Oracle it should also add a / after the last ";"  My suggestion would be to drop the ";" adding and force the user to enter it.  Just a suggestion though. 

      Thanks again

    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2004-08-15

      I got it. Thanks.


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