Field order in indexes (and PKs...)

  • Cservenak Tamas

    Cservenak Tamas - 2004-11-07


    Am i missing something or Druid is not handling the field order upon import from JDBC database? This question is very important, coz Druid says nothing about it (warning or something).

    I was very suprised when discovered that my Druid reengineered DB was doing unneded FULL TABLE SCAN-s, but i knew that i have indexes for it. The reason was that Druid changed the field order in indexes and Oracle was not using indexes for given partial keys.

    I think that Druid should handle field order in indexes.

    Thanx in advance, and in case *i am* missining somethin', sorry for pointing out my ignorance.


    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2004-11-08

      You are right.

      Druid doesn't handle the index's fields order because it assumes the order as they appear in the table's schema.

      In druid 4 this will not be a problem anymore due to the different indexes handling.


    • Cservenak Tamas

      Cservenak Tamas - 2004-11-08

      Is there a SVN or CVS "early access" to Druid4?

      Is sf CVS up to date? If it is, where is D4 located inside the CVStree?


    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2004-11-09

      No, not yet.

      Actually I had to stop developing for a few months due to lack of time. The core is almost complete but there are three major modules (data generation, jdbc access and er-view) which need to be coded. I cannot say, but druid 4 will need at least 6 months of full development.

      The CVS is updated only with the last druid 3.4 (release 3.5 and newers will be on the V3_X branch).



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