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  • SWAT

    SWAT - 2006-05-22

    It could be that I didn't really research it well, but here it goes. I have some discussion points that might improve druid3 (at least for me) a lot.

    A. Add the option to 'purge' the online database. For example if you add a table (rebuild) and then remove the table (rebuild), the table still exists on the server, right?

    B. Add relationship-support for all MySQL versions. As far as I know MySQL 3.x 4.x and 5.x have small differences in how relationships are created. It would be GREAT if Druid3 could do this!

    C. When is the next version of Druid3 planned? It would rock if the suggestions above (if they apply) would be in that version.

    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2006-05-23

      A: I assume that you are using oracle. The simple solution here is to create a jdbc plugin to execute PURGE RECYCLEBIN.

      B: I know. I just focused on latest relase. Anyway, it should be easy to create another module with cut'n'paste or just add small changes to the generated sql based on the mysql version that the user chooses.

      C: I have not planned any release. The development is stopped because nobody is contributing/coding. I'm concentrating on druid 4 which will be commercial but right now I don't have even the time to code it.


    • SWAT

      SWAT - 2006-05-23

      Ow, I'm very sorry to hear that the development of druid3 has stopped and that druid4 has been posponed. If I write the piece of code to support MySQL 3.x and 4.x will I get a free licence for the commercial version? ;-)

      I would still urge you to keep working on druid as an open-source project. You are helping the community out a lot (at least me). If you want to see some money for your trouble, you can contact me (e-mail) and I can give you some advice on that.

    • Andrea Carboni

      Andrea Carboni - 2006-05-24

      There are some users that have always provided feedback, help, patches etc... These users will become power users on and for them druid will be free forever.

      Anyway, I hope to work on druid 4 soon.



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