#7 Go to file and line number after double-clicking traceback


If an exception occurs while running a program, then
the traceback appears in the "Prompt" window. Double
clicking on a line in the traceback should open up the
offending file at the offending line number. This is
the behaviour that would be expected by anyone familiar
with SciTE.


  • Daniel Pozmanter

    • status: open --> closed
  • Daniel Pozmanter

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    Done (3.6.4). Good Idea!

    (Double clicking it is a much better idea than the
    autotraceback bit I had a while back. I redid it using re
    so it works nicer.)

    by the by, SciTE didn't seem to have this (at least not the
    version I have living on my linux box), but idle does (right
    click in the prompt).


  • Matthew Thornley

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    Great! That was fast! This issue was the only one that I've
    seen that would have kept me from using DrPython. It's a
    great app and a huge contribution to the Python community!

    I'm using SciTE version 1.60 for Windows. But SciTE has had
    the feature that I'm talking about for quite some time now.
    I'll describe it in more detail. Given the following
    traceback (line numbers added):

    1: Traceback (most recent call last):
    2: File "meiConfigGui.py", line 1364, in OnProjectOpen
    3: , defaultDir = app.fileDialogDir
    4: AttributeError: 'MyApp' object has no attribute

    ... double-clicking on line #2 will open up a the file
    meiConfigGui.py at line number 1364.

  • Daniel Pozmanter

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    :) Cool beans. Thanks, and enjoy


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