• Franz Steinhaeusler

    Hi Dan and folks,

    I would like to begin with an "Abbreviations" Plugin.

    Soon I want to write a concept.
    I think of compabitblity to Scites Abbreviations file
    plus some correctments in the handling and/or make this
    as options.

    • Franz Steinhaeusler

        readme abbreviations: concept
        3 functions:
          complete abbreviations (ctrl-b in scite),
          show abbreviations (ctrl-shift-r in scite)
          edit abbreviations file
          ignorge comment line (starts with #=
          scite files lesen (kompatibel)
          set cursor at '|' position
          first '=' is separator
        example main
          main=int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {\n|\n}
        changes to scite (make those options; default Scite behavior):
        1) use listctrl: shows abbreviation and expanded string, sort alphabetically
        2) option: only expand only if the word match:
          a) only: void main<here expansion> (I prefer)
          b) in Scite also mymain<here expansion>
        3) option: if 1b) option to clear the part before: here the "my"
        4) a) scite: only if all characters are present:
            mai<here expansion> no expansion
           b) I prefer: It should also expand and clear the "mai"
        5) cannot complete:
          a) open dialog box, try to jump to possible extension in the Abbreviastionlistbox
            (same as "show abbreviations"),
          b) (Scite) do nothing
          a) call "show abbreviations": jump to most possible completion, if available, otherwise to first entry
          b) (Scite) jump to first entry


    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      first prototype on:   

      with an example file:

      (without the promised options)
      So Scite users (should) can use their old
      with drPython.


    • Franz Steinhaeusler


      I released Abbreviations 0.0.0.

      It also contains a sample Abbreviation file.
      It has a Scite compatible and "my" mode.



    • Franz Steinhaeusler

      New Version 0.0.1

      automatic reload of abbreviationsfile, if it was changed.
      (you don't need to restart drPython)
      added help for plugin
      fixed some bugs
      added some syntax check in the abbreviations file



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